About Us

CrueltyFreeReviews is an online review & information website that aggregates products that are cruelty free; all products found on our website contain no animal products whatsoever and are 100% vegan.

Our purpose in creating this website is to answer the ever so common questions of if something is vegan, as well as to provide a reliable source for fellow vegans to rely on when it comes to the quality of various vegan products, be them beauty products, fitness equipment, or fashion accessories, and to aggregate these in one easy place that can be relied on as unfortunately manufacturers and product sellers fall short in making cruelty free products easily identifiable and searchable.

We hope to be a useful resource for newbie vegans and seasoned veterans alike, and unlike other blogs keep our information up to date. If there is ever a mistake or a change in a product, or simply disagree with our assessment, then feel free to contact us.