What Flavors of Fruittella Chews are Vegan? (2023)

Fruittella is a fruit-flavored candy snack thing that’s relatively popular in the UK in particular. They’re similar to starbursts that are sold in the USA, and much like Starburst chews Fruitella chews are not vegan.

This is because they both contain Gelatin, which is an ingredient that in this case is made from boiling animal bones and parts.

Here is the whole list:

Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Fruit Juices from Concentrate (Orange, Lemon, Strawberry) (3%), Acids (Citric Acid, Malic Acid), Gelatine, Cocoa Butter, Humectant (Glycerol), Concentrates (Carrot, Black Carrot, Elderberry), Natural Flavourings, Gelling Agent (Gum Arabic), Dextrin

So Are Any Fruittella Candies Vegan?

Apparently not, they all contain Gelatin according to their packages. Hopefully Fruitella steps up into the modern world and uses a plant-based alternative to gelatin in the future and stops shooing away a significant portion of the population.

Fruitella Candies aren’t even Vegetarian.

Are Fruittella Candies Halal?

As they contain Gelatin, beef gelatin to be precise, they’re not vegan or Halal, as the gelatin is sourced from animal-bones of any type, rather than those killed in a “Halal way.”

What other candies are like Fruittella Chews?

Starbursts are like Fruittella Chews, but they’re also non-vegan and not Halal. Most candies like them aren’t similar, other than a candy I mentioned above, Now and Laters. Many of their flavors/varieties are vegan. They’re quite hard to find in person, so I’d recommend just buying them online if you want to try them out.

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