What Flavors of Luna Bars are Vegan? (2023)

While Luna bars aren’t certified Vegan the majority of them are vegan-friendly — however some are not due to containing whey protein powder and other non-vegan ingredients.

Below we’ll list all the vegan-friendly Luna bars currently available, and then reaffirming which ones are not vegan-friendly, so if you are wondering about a specific flavor just check for it below — it should be listed down below with it’s vegan-status.

Vegan Classic Luna Bar Flavors:

  • Blueberry Bliss Bar
  • Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Bar
  • Chocolate Cupcake Bar
  • S’mores Bar
  • White Chocolate Macadamia Bar
  • Creamy Dreamy Peanut-Butter Bar
  • Caramel Walnut Brownie Bar
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
  • Sea Salt Caramel Bar

These are all the currently available vegan-friendly flavors of Luna’s regular snack bars, however historically they’ve always been vegan-friendly so odds are if there’s a new flavor it’s likely vegan-friendly as well, however make sure to check as there’s always a chance they screw-up a new flavor.

Vegan Luna Mash-Up & Equality Bar Flavors:

  • Lemon-Zest Equality Bar
  • Chocolate Pepperment-Stick Equality Bar
  • Nutz over Chocolate Equality Bar
  • Lemon-Zest + Blueberry Mashup Bar

Currently all of the Mash-Up and Equality-Bar flavors are vegan-friendly — or at least those listed above, which are all the current flavors last we checked.

Frequently Asked Luna Bar Questions

According to the ingredients list on nutritionix, the lemon luna bars do not contain any animal by-product, and are safe for us vegans. The only questionable ingredient is palm oil, which can be an issue for strict vegans.

Yes, the Blueberry Luna Bars are technically free of animal-based ingredients, so they are vegan. However, they still contain palm oil, which can be problematic for strict vegans.

Technically, the chocolate dipped coconut luna bars do not contain animal products, so they are considered vegan. However, Kroger states at the Allergen info section, that due to the possibility of cross-contamination, they may contain milk. 

Just like most Luna bars, the chocolate peppermint sticks are also free of animal-derived ingredients. However, due to possible cross-contamination, they could contain milk.

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