What Flavors of Veggie Straws are Vegan?

Veggie Straws Vegan Flavor Options

Veggie Straws come in many different flavors, however not all those flavors are vegan as some contain dairy in them. The Vegan flavors are listed below in this article.

While I’ll primarily be going over the Sensible Portions branded Veggie Straws (pictured above), as they’re the most popular ones, later on in the article I’ll touch on some knock-offs and similar products if you can’t find this specific brand where you live.

Vegan Flavors of Sensible Portions Veggie Straws:

  • Sea Salt
  • Rosemary Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt & Sweet Potato Mix
  • Sweet Potato
  • Apple Cinnamon

The Cheddar and Zesty Ranch Flavors are not Vegan, as they both contain bovine(cow)-based dairy products in them. This brand of veggie straws are the best in my opinion by a mile, so if they aren’t available near you I’d argue if you’re a big fan of them it might be worth buying them on Amazon as they aren’t too much more expensive than in-store from what I’ve seen.

What about other brands of Veggie Straws?

Unless they’re flavored Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion, Ranch, or some other commonly milk-containing flavor then they should be vegan. Veggie straws are generally made with potato flour and starch with vegetable-juice for coloring, so really the only danger is the seasoning they may put on them.

So just check the back in-store to confirm it doesn’t have a pesky allergy warning on it for dairy and you should be good to go. As for brands, other than Sensible Portions brand mentioned above this is the only other brand that I’ve tried and liked. The others have been cardboardy and nasty, especially the dollar store ones I’ve found, which is odd because I normally like dollar-store chips and miscellaneous garbage foods.

Are Veggie Straws different than Veggie Chips?

Not really, they’re made out of the exact same thing, the only difference is veggie chips are sometimes a bit harder and less “gritty” in texture, so if you can’t find any near you and don’t want to order off Amazon — or just want a cheaper alternative, then Veggie Chips might be for you if your teeth can handle the crunch.