Are Chick-Fil-A Fries Vegan? Vegan Options Explained – 2023

Chick-Fil-A is a super popular fast-food chain with Christian beliefs. They are up there with McDonald’s, KFC, and other big-name fast-food restaurants. They stand out for their excellent customer service and their message of Christian values. 

From a vegan perspective, I find their eat mor chickn ads to be a little messed up. Of course, many people find these ads funny and would tell me to be more light-hearted about it, but I just don’t find the humor in them. Why would I want people to eat more chicken? Maybe that is why I choose not to support Chick-Fil-A no matter what the few vegan options they may have are.

If you are on the road and have no other option or are heading to Chick-Fil-A with your nonvegan friends or family, then you may be wondering what you can eat. They haven’t quite caught up with KFC and their decision to offer a vegan chicken alternative, but maybe they have a vegan-friendly option or two. 

Let’s start with one of the most basic vegan fast food options; french fries. Are Chick-Fil-A fries vegan? 

Are Chick-Fil-A fries vegan?

At least Chick-Fil-A fries are vegan, unlike McDonald’s, which contains dairy. The ingredients list for this menu item is pretty short. Chick-Fil-A waffle fries include: 

Are Chick-Fil-A Fries Vegan
  • Potatoes
    • Vegetable oil
    • Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate [to promote color retention]
    • Dextrose
  • Canola oil (high oleic canola oil with Dimethylpolysiloxane added as an anti-foaming agent)

That tiny list of ingredients is full of vegan-friendly items. Plant-based eaters can feel free to indulge in these french fries if they choose to. You can order them with any of the vegan sauces listed below. 

The fries at Chick-Fil-A are waffle fries, and they do not have any regular-shaped fries. Carrying this style of french fry is their thing and they have no plans of ever adding regular fries to the menu. 

What other vegan items are available at Chick-Fil-A?

Chick-Fil-A doesn’t have too vast of a vegan-friendly menu for the plant-based eaters out there, but there are some things vegans can have with a few alterations. The limited vegan menu at Chick-Fil-A includes:

Vegan entrees:

Vegan sides:

Vegan dressings and other sauces:

For drinks, you can enjoy any of their coke products, fresh lemonade, or sweet tea.

As you can see, vegans are pretty limited at Chick-Fil-A, but there are a few things we can have. This shortlist includes their french fries. So, to answer the question, are Chick-Fil-A fries vegan, yes they are

Frequently Asked Questions

The fries at Chick-Fil-A are vegan. You can pair them with any of the vegan sauces listed here. 

The fries at Chick-Fil-A always come as waffle fries and they are vegan. You can pair them with any of the vegan sauces listed above. 

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