Are Sparling Ice Drinks Vegan?

Sparkling Ice Drink Selection

It may seem like a silly question to ask, however it’s definitely a valid one that I’ve heard people, namely my brother, ask in real life.

I thought it was pretty straightforward and figured there’d be no chance they wouldn’t be, as it’s just sparkling water with some dye, right?

I was wrong. I never mistakenly bought any, as I never liked sparkling water much, but they are in fact non-vegan.

Sparkling Ice branded sparkling water isn’t vegan as it generally contains Vitamin D3, which is often (and in this case) made from sheep-wool oddly enough.

What's a Good Vegan Alternative?

For a decent to good vegan sparkling water, I’d suggest trying out honestly pretty much any store-brand 0cal sparkling water. Personally I always liked the Kroger/Smith’s/Fry’s the best, actually better than the Sparkling Ice brand the one time I tried it from a family member before I learned it wasn’t even Vegan.

Another option is to buy a crystal-light like “water enhancer” and add it to carbonated water, which can work pretty dang well.