Which Country Crock Butters are Vegan? (2023)

Country Crock is available in nearly every supermarket in the USA and Canada, but unfortunately their classic (non-plant based) varieties aren’t exactly Vegan.

Some of that’s due to D3, made from sheep wool, which I know many people ignore when it comes to being 100% vegan, but in my book it’s not entirely vegan to do so so I didn’t list them as Vegan. I do clarify which contain more than just D3 though if you do make such “exceptions.”

Make sure to check out the bottom of the article for the plant-based butters Country Crock recently introduced. They may not be available at your local supermarket (yet) though, as they are quite new.

What (Classic) Country Crock Butter Sticks are Vegan?

  • None

Unfortunately both of their butter baking sticks (salted & unsalted) contain whey, a milk by-product, and thus aren’t vegan.

If you’re dead-set on butter-sticks Earth Balance makes vegan butter sticks that are available in most supermarkets in the USA/Canada. Alternatively, check out Country Crocks new Plant-based line of Butter-sticks (see below).

What (Classic) Country Crock Spreadable Tub-Butter is Vegan?

  • None

While none of them are truly vegan, most of them do not contain dairy or other animal products that all vegans and plant-based eaters avoid. Most of them simply contain D3, which in this case is generally from sheep-wool byproduct (lanolin).

Other than the non-vegan D3 aspect the following flavors also contain dairy.

  • Churn Style (Buttermilk)
  • Sunflower Oil Butter Spread (Natural Flavors)

If you cannot find the completely plant-based versions made by country crock (see below) you could also try I can’t believe it’s not butter’s tub, as it’s vegan too.

Country Crock (New) Vegan Plant-based Butters:

Good news though, Country Crock recently announced new Plant-based options for both their spreadable and stick varieties.

As for the Vegan butter sticks, they have the following varieties:

  • Plant Butter Sticks with Avocado Oil
  • Plant Butter Sticks Olive Oil
  • Plant Butter Sticks with Almond Oil

As for the Completely Vegan spreadable butter tubs:

  • Plant Butter Tub with Olive Oil
  • Plant Butter Tub with Almond Oil

They also have a new exciting product that is a vegan replacement for heavy whipping cream!

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