Are Full Throttle Energy Drinks Vegan?

Full Throttle Vegan Energy Drink

Full throttle energy drinks are a less popular energy drink that isn’t as well known, but many people (including my father) strongly prefer to their competitors.

While there’s been some controversy over whether or not their drinks are vegan, that worry boiled down to whether or not the Taurine they use is synthetic or not. Apparently it’s not.

But fear not Full Throttle lovers, most Full Throttle Energy drinks don’t have any Taurine in them!
In fact, only one flavor, the orange flavor, apparently has any taurine in it anymore.

So what flavors of Full Throttle are Vegan?

  • Original (often referred to as Citrus)
  • Blue Agave Flavored

They’ve consolidated their products down to just three, those two vegan ones and the non-vegan Orange flavor.

If those flavors aren’t to your liking I’d recommend trying one of Monster Energy Drinks flavors, as they have tons of them and they are all vegan since they use Vegan Taurine.