Which Irish Spring Soaps are Vegan? (2022)

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Irish Spring Original Bar Soap

Irish Spring Soaps are made by a company called Colgate-Palmolive, so generally most vegans would not consider them vegan by default. I certainly wouldn’t consider any of their soaps vegan.

Irish Spring soaps are generally not considered vegan as the company Colgate-Palmolive tests/tested most of their products on animals. While that’d be fine if they simply washed an animal with the soap to make sure it doesn’t cause a rash, that’s not how animal testing is.

With that being said, Colgate-Palmolive has heavily reduced to nearly eliminated their animal testing in recent years and has made moves to limit animal testing and change laws that mandate animal testing.

So Are Their Soaps Vegan?

Some of their liquid products are vegan other than the animal testing, however they have in the past, and still occasionally test on animals when required by law. Since they do still test on animals I’d say Irish Spring soaps aren’t vegan.

I do and would recommend choosing a different product, at least until they completely eliminate animal testing, as in it’s current state it would not fit my definition of Vegan or really any definition in my opinion.

I appreciate that they’re at least doing something to reduce animal testing, but that doesn’t change that they haven’t eliminated it.

When it comes to their bar soap however, it’s never even somewhat vegan no matter your opinion on their animal testing. This is because it contains sodium-tallow, which is essentially animal lard/fat.

Are Irish Spring Soaps Halal or have Pork-Ingredients?

As Irish Spring doesn’t specifically get their tallow (lard) from Halal-certified sources there’s no way to know if it’s Halal or not, but more likely than not it’s not Halal just as it isn’t vegan-friendly, as generally Sodium-Tallow is derived from a mixture of different animal fats, generally pigs (pork) and Cows, with no distinction between Halal slaughter and non-Halal Slaughter.

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