Is Cellucor’s C4 Preworkout 100% Vegan?

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C4 Cellucor Vegan Friendly Preworkout

As there’s a lot of confusion on whether or not c4 is actually vegan, and even more confusion on whether their newer products are vegan, we’ve decided to look into this matter.

Luckily enough C4’s headquarters is literally miles/kilometers from where I’m currently staying as I write this article, so rather than just sending them an email we went to their headquarters and got answers directly from the source. Not just about their classic C4 preworkout, but all of the preworkouts Cellucor currently manufactures

Unfortunately the answer isn’t abundantly simple; as some C4 Preworkouts are vegan while others are not. We’ll go over why and which are vegan below.

Why Are Some C4 Preworkouts Non-Vegan?

While many people have raised concerns over the Taurine in Cellucor’s (C4) preworkouts, and others have raised concerns on if the creatine is vegan-friendly, both were confirmed to me to be 100% synthetically derived and thus vegan-friendly. Don’t worry about these things in C4.

What you do need to look out for is Milk. It’s not a large component, but it’s technically in a few of their preworkouts, namely the C4 Dynasty MMXX preworkout. It contains Dairy/Milk and thus aren’t vegan-friendly at all.

What C4 Preworkouts Are 100% Vegan?

  • C4 Ripped Sport
  • C4 On-The-Go
  • C4 Original Preworkout
  • C4 Ultimate
  • C4 Sport
  • C4 Carbonated Smart Energy Cans
  • C4 Still Energy Drinks
  • C4 Still Ultimate Drinks
  • C4 Ultimate Shred
  • C4 Extreme
  • C4 Extreme Natural Zero
  • NO3 Ultimate
  • C4 Sport Natural Zero

Personally my favorite has always been the Classic C4 Preworkout, as to me it works and it tastes great, and quite honestly the Ultimate is a bit over-kill and too much for me. C4’s already a powerful preworkout, there’s no need to get the extra-strong version.

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