Is Crisco 100% Vegan? (2022)

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Crisco Vegan Friendly Shortening

Crisco shortening comes in many different flavors and varieties, all of which are 100% Vegan-friendly. That includes the “butter” flavors of their shortening and non-stick sprays as well as the classic version.

Crisco also sells some other vegan-friendly products such as olive-oil spray, professional grill-master spray, coconut oil, cooking oil, and other things, all of which are 100% Vegan.

Everything Crisco currently sells appears to be vegan on the surface, however some of their products contain added Omega-3’s which are not derived from a vegan-friendly source such as Algae. If the Crisco product you’re looking at doesn’t contain Omega-3’s added to it then it should be vegan.

Vegan Alternatives to Crisco:

If you don’t want to use crisco anyways, as it’s not the healthiest product around, you can opt for replacing Crisco in recipes with a natural shortening product like coconut oil without any issue at all. You can also replace it with other wet-fats like avocado (if you want to be healthy) or regular oil, but it won’t be 100% exactly the same. But it’ll work for most recipes quite nicely.

Is Crisco Dairy Free?

Yes, as Crisco shortening is vegan, and the only non-vegan products they sell are due to them containing fish-oil, all of Crisco’s products are 100% Dairy Free.

Is Crisco Butter Vegan?

Yes, as mentioned above the “butter” varieties of Crisco are 100% Vegan as well as gluten-free and obviously dairy-free.

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