Is Rice Vegan? Brown, White, Jasmine, Basmati, Fried Rice, and More – 2023

With veganism, you have to question everything. Plain rice, which is vegan, can be made non-vegan when brands and restaurants add animal byproducts. They may add ingredients that are not vegan-friendly, like dairy or meat.  

In most cases, vegans should feel free to enjoy rice, but there are exceptions. Here is the deal.

Is rice vegan?

Rice is vegan. There are a bunch of different types of rice that are all vegan. While brown, white, jasmine, and basmati rice tend to be the most common, there are other kinds. These include sushi rice, black rice, wild rice, and more. 

The problem is when brands dress rice up with flavors and non-vegan ingredients. For example, some Rice-A-Roni flavors add cheese. 

Plain rice is always vegan, no matter the style. Rice is a staple for many vegans, so it is nice to know we are free to consume it in most cases. 

Many vegans rely on rice to add substance to certain meals. Sometimes we turn it into rice dishes, and other times it makes a great side. Plant-based eaters should be aware of which styles of rice are vegan and which are not before consuming them. 

Is brown rice vegan?

Brown rice is vegan, so we can happily enjoy it without worrying about harming animals. Brown rice can make a healthy addition to many meals. It helps keep the heart healthy and has lots of dietary fiber and magnesium.

Brown rice makes a great addition to the diet of anyone who may be worried about spiking their blood sugar. The nutritiousness of brown rice has been linked to preventing heart disease. Adding brown rice to your meals is an excellent way to take care of your body and enjoy something tasty at the same time.

Is white rice vegan?

White rice is one of the most popular types of rice and is vegan. This type of rice is soft and pairs well with many different foods. It is easy to prepare and can be made in a rush. You do not need a rice cooker or anything fancy. 

White rice is low in fiber and a great source of carbohydrates. It is one of the most accessible and simple kinds of rice. It is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, and other nutrients, and the body has no trouble digesting it. 

White rice is a great vegan option. 

Is jasmine rice vegan?

Jasmine rice is a form of long-grain white rice, and it is vegan. This rice is soft and has a unique floral aroma. Jasmine rice is thinner and longer than many other kinds of rice. This rice is originally from Thailand and is used in many Southeast Asian meals.

While it is common to see white jasmine rice, it comes in other colors too. These are blue, purple, and red. According to WebMD, the colorful varieties of this rice are loaded with phytonutrients. These nutrients work to protect cells and improve the immune system as well as overall health. 

The high folic acid content in jasmine rice makes it great to consume for those who are pregnant. This rice also does not have as much fiber as brown rice. Vegans should feel free to eat up! 

Is basmati rice vegan?

Basmati rice looks similar to jasmine rice, but they are different. This rice is another long-grain rice that is perfectly suited for a plant-based diet. Basmati rice is vegan-friendly and delicious.

is rice vegan

Basmati rice is typically associated with India and Pakistan. Most basmati rice comes from India, which is likely why it is often found paired with flavorful curries, vegan tikka masalas, and more. 

This rice carries more carbs than white rice but is a pretty healthy addition to any meal. Brown basmati rice has a connection to a lower risk of heart disease. Nutrients in basmati include zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, and more. It is nice to know vegans can enjoy this rice without worrying about any harm done to animals.

Is fried rice vegan?

Fried rice is much more dressed up than plain rice. The rice used in the process is vegan, whether it is white rice or jasmine rice. The thing with fried rice is that additional ingredients are added. This often includes eggs. Eggs are not vegan. When this ingredient is fried and mixed with rice then the dish is longer vegan.

The majority of the ingredients added to fried rice are vegan-friendly. This includes a variety of vegetables like carrots and peas. Fried rice is often flavored with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, or hoisin sauce. In most cases, these sauces are vegan. 

When you go to a restaurant, it is best to assume the fried rice is not vegan-friendly. It is easy to create vegan fried rice in the comfort of your own home. Choose the rice and vegetables you want to use and mix them with sauce. You can even add in tofu or JUST Egg if you desire.

Which rice brands are vegan?

Many popular rice brands carry vegan products, but they all typically add a handful of non-vegan varieties. 

Vegan rice brands include:

Not every product from these brands will be vegan. Some have cheesy flavors that contain dairy ingredients, while others may add meat. When you are considering buying rice from the store, go through each ingredient listed on the product to determine whether or not it is vegan-friendly. 

I was happy to see just how many kinds of rice can be enjoyed on a vegan diet. Most stores carry a wide variety.

Rice is typically vegan. Fried rice and dressed-up rice products from brands like the ones listed above may not be. With plain rice, whether it is brown, white, jasmine, or basmati, vegans can feel free to enjoy a variety of rice. Approach any flavored rice with caution and be sure to assess the ingredients list.

Rice farming is an issue of its own. While the product itself is typically vegan, the process is not always great. Mass rice farming uses a lot of water. The steps it takes to get rice to your table are known to create a decent amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brown rice, white rice, jasmine rice, and basmati rice are all vegan. Fried rice and other dressed-up rice options may not be vegan because non-vegan ingredients are often added during the cooking process. 

The seasoned rice and the cilantro lime rice at Moe’s are vegan-friendly.

No, Popeyes red beans and rice are not vegan. This dish uses bacon and pork fat.

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