What Is Tartrazine (E102) and Is It Vegan? (2022)

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Tartrazine Vegan Chemical Structure E102

Tartrazine, also known as E102 in Europe, is an additive used in many foods to turn them a specific color, generally yellow. Its Vegan Status is: Definitely Vegan.

The reason Tartrazine/E102 is definitely vegan is because the only way it’s produced is entirely synthetically. No Animal products go into the production whatsoever, nor do they have a single manufacturer that tested them on animals.

Is Tartrazine (E102) an Artificial Color?

Indisputably yes; it’s an artificial color, and it’s part of the Azo Dye group that many believe cause hyperactivity, particularly in children, however such side effects aren’t by any means guaranteed and most people are largely unaffected by consuming Azo Dyes like Tartazine/E102.

Wait, So What is Tartrazine (E102)?

As briefly touched on before, it’s an artificial color which is used for dying foods yellow, or in some cases green when combined with Brilliant Blue for example. It’s made out of various chemicals and is entirely synthetic. It generally comes in either a powder or liquid form that’s added to foods, but also some soaps and medications.

Is Tartrazine (E102) Safe to consume?

It’s been banned by multiple governments across the world and can cause mild allergic reactions in a microscopic portion of people, and it’s not a health food or anything like that.

As for the Hyperactivity claim the evidence for it is questionable at best, as most of the studies that found it were self-reported by the child’s parents, which has been proven to be completely inaccurate in other studies.

The bottom line is a little in your diet likely won’t harm you, nor the animals, as E102 (Also known as Tartrazine) is 100% Vegan!

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