Clearing Up The Nonsense: Is V8 Vegan?

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There’s a ton of confusion out there whether V8 is actually vegan-friendly or if it isn’t due to many people claiming it may contain animal products, namely in the “natural flavors” category.

This controversy originally started over half a decade ago when Campbells Soup, V8’s parent company, claimed V8, or any of the products they sell aren’t vegan-friendly. This is absolute nonsense.


Well Campbell’s also produces Prego, which has numerous vegan flavors, some of which don’t include “natural flavors” added to them.

So What Does This All Mean?

Well to me it’s abundantly clear Campbell’s either had an uninformed employee respond, or is just generally grossly misinformed on what a vegan is and what we can or can’t eat. Natural flavors is almost always vegan-friendly, and there’s no disclaimers against V8 containing milk/eggs, which cuts those “flavors” out, nor does it have any controversy over it’s Halal Status, which cuts out it’s potential for having Cow/Pig/etc “flavorings.”

This was all just a big misunderstanding caused by an uninformed individual and tons of vegan drama. To further back this up Campbells later made statements that said it doesn’t contain any meat/dairy/seafood/etc/etc/etc, listing out all potentially non-vegan products. So V8 is most definitely vegan-friendly.

Well, some flavors and varieties of V8 are vegan friendly, maybe not all of them, so we checked to make sure which were/are vegan ourselves. You can read which ones specifically are vegan below.

Vegan V8 Flavors & Varieties:

  • Coconut Watermelon V8 Hydrate
  • Orange Grapefruit V8 Hydrate
  • Strawberry Cucumber V8 Hydrate
  • V8 Spicy Hot
  • V8 Low Sodium
  • V8 Essential Antioxidants
  • V8 High Fiber
  • V8 Low Sodium Spicy Hot
  • V8 Hint of Black Pepper
  • V8 Bloody Mary Mix
  • V8 Original
  • Peach Mango V8 Energy
  • Pomegranate Blueberry V8 Energy
  • Sparkling White Grape Raspberry V8 Energy
  • Black Cherry V8 Energy
  • Diet Strawberry Lemonade V8 Energy
  • Strawberry Banana V8 Energy
  • Diet Cranberry Raspberry V8 Energy
  • Tropical Green V8 Energy
  • Sparkling Orange Pineapple V8 Energy
  • Sparkling Kiwi Melon V8 Energy
  • Sparkling Blackberry Cranberry V8 Energy
  • Orange Pineapple V8 Energy

All the above flavors & varieties of V8 should be vegan-friendly according to what we’ve been told and our research. If there’s a flavor/variety we didn’t mention above it’s either not vegan, or newly released and we haven’t added it above yet if it’s vegan-friendly. You can contact us here if there’s a new flavor released that you want us to check into or add above to the list we’ve compiled.

It seems that V8 now has some regional/seasonal Sparkling Energy drinks — so long as they don’t include honey they should be vegan as well if they aren’t listed up. Some of these vegan-friendly Vegan Sparkling Energy Flavors include: Orange Pineapple, Lemon Lime, White Grape Raspberry, Blackberry Cranberry, and Strawberry Kiwi.