Is Valentina Hot Sauce Vegan? (2022)

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Valentina Hot Sauce

I first encountered Valentina hot sauce a few years ago when my non-vegan (now vegan) brother bought it while at a Mexican store near me, and since then it’s quickly become my favorite hot sauce. It has a unique flavor and isn’t really super spicy like some hot sauces are.

Valentina hot sauce is vegan, it’s ingredients are relatively simply much like most hot sauces. It contains just Water, Chili peppers, Vinegar, Salt, a few spices, and a very small amount of Sodium benzoate (a preservative).

Both the original hot sauce and the extra spicy hot sauce are vegan, as they contain the same ingredients, just in different amounts.

Where can you buy Valentina Hot Sauce?

If you’re in Mexico or much of Central America this wouldn’t be an issue, but in the Northern part of North America it can be quite hard to find it.

Personally I’ve never found it at Walmart or other big-box grocery stores, or even smaller local ones like HEB. I’ve only been able to find it at Mexican/Hispanic supermarkets, so if you want to give it a go or try it I’d search that up.
If there isn’t one near you there’s always Amazon, I’ve had to order it off there before and it’s not really much more expensive. You can check the price here.

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