Are Jack in the Box Tacos Vegan?​

Jack In The Box Tacos Non-Vegan

It troubles me to have discovered how popular people ask this question online. It truly baffles me.

But to get straight to the point — no Jack in the box tacos are not vegan-friendly. They may have questionable quality meat but that doesn’t make them vegan-friendly, that just makes them not good quality food, but can you expect anything better from Jack in the box, a generic fast-food chain?

To be fair maybe you can, some of the menu items they’ve introduced, while not vegan, aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be.

If it's not Vegan then what is it?

Jack in the box has a “proprietary blend” that makes up their meat, although they, like Taco Bell, have come out and said that it’s still primarily “Real Beef.” Whether or not the rest of that blend, I believe 30% or so is soy, or some other plant-substitute, or some part of an animal that couldn’t even be considered “meat” I can’t answer, nor can anyone else, as that information is held only by the highest of management in those companies.

The workers don’t know, the regular managers don’t know, even the production facility workers apparently often don’t know.