Are Jack in the Box Tacos Vegan?​

Jack In The Box Tacos Non-Vegan

It troubles me to have discovered how popular people ask this question online. It truly baffles me.

Well, I’ll answer it for you, and you can trust me when I tell you no Jack in the box tacos are not vegan because I’m a vegan and this site is about veganism. We have food guides for popular restaurants on here, including Jack in the box (which does have some vegan options, just not tacos).

So while the meat in your tacos may be questionable (at best), much like people often say about taco bell’s meat as well, it’s most definitely not vegan. I can assure you of that.

They do however have a “proprietary blend” that makes up their meat, although they, like Taco Bell, have come out and said that it’s still primarily “Real Beef.” Whether or not the rest of that blend, I believe 30% or so is soy, or some other plant-substitute, or some part of an animal that couldn’t even be considered “meat” I can’t answer, nor can anyone else, as that information is held only by the highest of management in those companies.

The workers don’t know, the regular managers don’t know, even the production facility workers apparently often don’t know. If you’d like to see what’s ACTUALLY Vegan at Taco Bell, check out this article here, that way when you get some of their vegan things you can gripe about how if they had animal-fat in them they’d taste better and not be so disgustingly authentically jack-in-the-box greasy.