My 5 Favorite Vegan-Friendly Nutella Alternatives

Nutella Non-Vegan

Nutella is one of those things that either you loved, or you didn’t, and I know many folks who loved it. It’s a real shame they use milk in it because as we all know that’s really not necessary and they could easily make a non-dairy version, but for whatever reason they refuse to despite a decent demand for it.

Maybe one day they will introduce a vegan-friendly version of Nutella, but since today is not that day we must seek Nutella-satisfaction elsewhere.

These are the Nutella Knock-offs that have tasted the best/most-similar and were of course vegan. Most of them you can buy on Amazon, as well as in-store, but some I’ve never seen in-store.

Nocciolata Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Nocciolata Vegan Hazelnut Spread

This was my favorite one and the only one that really nailed it and tastes just like Nutella.

It’s smooth, it’s creamy, Hazel-nutty, has chocolate hints, it’s perfect. This one absolutely blew every other one away, and while I have slight complaints about some of the other brands I’ll mention here this one I have none.

I just wish you could find this in a regular grocery store, but I’ve not even been able to find it in a health-food store. I tried it from a friend and have had to order it off Amazon ever since. You can also get it in single bottles here on Amazon.

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Vegan Nutella

Alright, we’ve all probably tried this already as it’s at most stores. It’s alright, but it’s not exactly Nutella. It’s clearly a bit different, in my opinion a bit less sweet.

Just like most of Justin’s products, while I like them, they taste a quite “healthy,” are quite thick, and a bit grainy.

It’s not quite as sweet and it’s more chocolatey than Nutella, so unless you like dark chocolate and a more nutty flavor this one probably isn’t for you. But it’s worth a shot, especially because you can get single packs in most grocery stores to try for only $1.

You can also get it on Amazon by clicking here, and it’s usually a bit cheaper than in stores, but only if you buy a jar rather than just a small 1oz packet to try.

Either way it’s tasty imo, although this one really doesn’t satisfy the Nutella craving like Nocciolata’s does. It’s more of its own thing.

Don’t Go Nuts Chocolate Soybean Spread

Don't Go Nuts Nutella Alternative

Yeah, you read that right.

Soybean Spread.

An unlikely contender seeing as it doesn’t even have hazelnuts, but many people think it’s very similar and it’s the first choice for people who are allergic to nuts apparently.

I think it’s similar, but not bang-on perfect. It’s different to Justin’s but about that “off” of real Nutella. It’s lacking a bit of the Nuttiness, but not all of it, but is pretty dang accurate when it comes to sweetness, texture, and chocolatey-ness compared to Nutella.

You can find this brand on the Health-food Isle of some Safeways/Wegmans/Walmarts/etc, but they aren’t carried at all locations so if they aren’t at yours you can always get it on Amazon by clicking here.

JEM’s Raw & Organic Chocolate Hazlenut Butter

JEM Chocolate Hazlenut Vegan Nutella

This one is quite good, although it’s sweeter than the original Nutella is, and runnier (at least unless you refrigerate it), but it’s super good in my opinion.

I didn’t like it in a sandwich/on-bread like a lot of people like Nutella on, but I spooned this like a naughty boy till it was all gone and it was delicious. I never liked Nutella on bread though, so that could just be a “me” thing.

Overall I think this is #2 overall, as while I like Justin’s it’s just not Nutella to me, although some people think it’s just like it.

You can find this brand in small local health-marts sometimes, or you can get it shipped from one through Amazon by clicking here.

Nutiva’s Vegan Hazelnut Spread with Chia & Flax

The original, and previously unimpressive, but the most popular and cheapest Nutella Knock-off that’s Vegan.

While I used to hate this stuff they must have changed the recipe or something because I tried it again recently and it wasn’t all too bad. It’s not really Nutella exactly either, but it’s actually a pretty good Chocolate Hazelnut Spread now.

It’s way too runny in my opinion and must be refrigerated and is too dark-chocolatey for me, but I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate so if you like dark chocolate I’d give this a try again if you have tried it before.

This is super popular and available dang near everywhere, but you can also get it on Amazon by clicking here if you want to be lazy. It’s cheaper on Amazon anyway.

In Conclusion

If you really want to satisfy your Nutella cravings I’d go with the first one I mentioned, Nocciolata’s Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread or I’d go with my second favorite one, JEM’s Chocolate Hazelnut Spread.

If you are just looking for a good Hazelnut Spread, or don’t mind it tasting a little darker than the original brand-name Nutella, then any of these should do you well.

If you’ve tried any other good alternatives to Nutella let me know about it by sending me a message. These are the only decent-good ones I’ve tried and I’d love to try some new/different ones out!

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