What Popcornopolis Popcorn Flavors are Vegan? (2023)

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I remember back as a kid going into Sam’s Club (a place like Costco) and once or twice a year Popcornopolis Popcorn had a stall set up and was shilling their popcorn to everyone, and with a little extra shilling on my part, we usually got some.

I loved their popcorn, as unlike regular popcorn their Gourmet-style fancy plushie popcorn pieces that never had a hard under-popped Kernel, well, never had a bad piece in them! You could mindlessly shovel it into your mouth without ever worrying about biting into a hard kernel.

Unfortunately my favorite flavor before I went Vegan was the cheese flavor, which used/uses actual cheese, so that’s a no go for me now that I’m vegan. Thankfully my second flavor IS vegan, the Kettle Popcorn flavor.

So Which Other Flavors are Vegan?

  • Kettle Popcorn Flavor
  • Nearly Naked Popcorn

While Popcornopolis has tons of different popcorns, they use dairy in most of them so these are the only vegan flavors they have. I got this list from Popcornolopis their self in 2019 so it should be up to date, but if it’s not please reach out and contact me on this page to inform me about any other vegan flavors they may have added since then and I’ll look into it.

Where can you get Popcornopolis Popcorn?

While I used to go to Sam’s club with my family, as you may have previously as well, not all of us still go to those bulk grocery stores anymore.

If you don’t, like I don’t, you may have trouble finding any Popcornopolis popcorn.

While you can buy it off the Popcornopolis website you have to order a bunch at once and they charge for shipping, so I’d recommend just buying it off Amazon.

Personally, I’d recommend the Kettle Corn Flavor, it’s quite sweet and crunchy compared to regular popcorn though, so if you aren’t into that the Nearly Naked Flavor might be more your style.

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