What Frozen Onion Rings are Vegan? (2022)

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Vegan Frozen Onion Ring Brands

It’s pretty hard to find frozen Onion Rings when eating out in my experience (Pretty much the only reliable place that has vegan onion rings out is oddly enough Sonic), so you’d think it’d be even more difficult to find some Frozen Vegan onion rings, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

There’s actually tons of Vegan Frozen onion Ring Brands out there, and not some strange hard to find ones either that are only sold in health-food stores and whole-foods. I’m talking ones sold in everyday stores like HEB, Krogers, and even rural Walmart’s.

No matter where you are in the USA or Canada you should be able to find at least one of them in a store near you. You can even find some of them in the UK and Australia as well, and even some Asian countries at specialty stores.

Vegan Onion Ring Brands:

  • Red Robin’s Crispy Onion Rings (Thick, pictured above, at Kroger & Walmart and some other places)
  • Every 365  Crispy Breaded Onion Rings (Medium Thickness, Only at Whole Foods)
  • Ian’s Gluten-Free Onion Rings (Thin Onion Rings, Check the health-food section of most grocery stores)
  • Ore-Ida Gourmet Onion Rings (Available Everywhere, Medium-Thickness)
  • Alexia All Natural Frozen Crispy Onion Rings (At most grocery stores in the regular frozen section, Very Thick)
  • Birds Eye Onion Rings (Only Really Sold in Australia/UK)

While there’s a lot of vegan-friendly onion rings on the market, there’s also many non-vegan ones that aren’t listed above. Make sure you don’t get Nathan’s Onion Rings, Market Pantry (Target Brand) Onion Rings, Brew City Onion Rings, Trader Joe’s Onion Rings, and Great Value Onion Rings. None of those popular brands of frozen onion rings are vegan-friendly, as they all contain dairy in the form of whey.

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