What Flavors of Bugles are Vegan? (2022)

Bugles are sold by both Frito-Lay as well as General Mills, mostly depending on where they’re being sold.

If you’re outside of North America you’ll probably know of the Lays ones, as North Americans are the only ones who usually have the original General Mills ones (pictured to the left).

I’ve only ever tried the ones from General Mills, and while they weren’t my favorite chips my brother absolutely loved them.

Both brands have vegan Bugles.

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What Flavors are Vegan Then?

Due to Bugles being discontinued and the production facilities changing they aren’t standardized entirely, however generally the original Bugles are always vegan.

In terms of other flavors, most generally contain milk/whey in them, so most flavored bugles, especially the ones in North America, are usually non-vegan. I’ve heard of vegan ones before, however anywhere I’ve found them and in general those same flavors aren’t vegan at most places.

If you really like another flavor of Bugles other than the original and aren’t sure if they’re vegan make sure to check the back and see if they have “milk” or “whey” in them, or the equivalent word in whatever language the ingredients are in as those are the only animal products in some Bugles.

In the case of the UK at least though, they do not have original/plain bugles, but they do have a barbecue flavor that is vegan. The other flavors in the UK are never vegan.

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