What is Vegan Calcium? Carbonate, Lactate, Chloride, Propionate, and more – 2023

When you look at ingredients lists, you might find yourself a little confused by any weird variations of calcium that may be listed. These calcium varieties are one of the many ingredients that throw new vegans off. 

What is Vegan Calcium?

What even is calcium? Calcium is a mineral that the human body needs. It is vital in many functions of the body. This necessary mineral helps build and support healthy bones. Calcium also helps teeth maintain their strength and structure.

People are encouraged to get calcium by consuming dairy products. That is why it is easy for vegans to forget about calcium. There are plenty of vegan ways to receive calcium, but these are not discussed as often as non-vegan sources.

I think it is annoying when people fall for this false information. Calcium can be found in green leafy vegetables, seeds, beans, almonds, bread, and many other foods. Most ingredients that contain the word calcium are vegan. Calcium caseinate is not vegan, but most others are.

While cocoa butter does not contain calcium, it contains Vitamin E which helps in calcium absorption.

Is calcium propionate vegan?

Yes, calcium propionate E282 is vegan.

Calcium propionate is in many baked goods. It is used as a food preservative. Bread can expire quickly, so calcium propionate exists to make it last longer. The same goes for other baked goods that calcium propionate is found in.

As said above, calcium is an essential mineral that helps the body thrive. Calcium propionate is more than just a preservative. This ingredient offers a source of calcium.

Calcium propionate can come from cheese. This version is used to preserve some items, but calcium propionate E282 does not and is vegan.

Is calcium carbonate vegan?

It can be hard to say whether or not calcium carbonate is vegan. It can come from animals, but I can come from other sources instead.

Calcium carbonate is a common mineral. It is often used as a colorant, stabilizer, or buffering agent in a variety of foods. Calcium carbonate is also found in other products like toothpaste.

In some cases, calcium carbonate can come from animals. It can come from seashells, eggshells, corals, and other non-vegan things. When calcium carbonate is made through industrial production it is vegan-friendly. In many cases, it comes from mineral deposits. 

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Is calcium lactate vegan?

In most cases, calcium lactate is vegan. I thought for sure that with a name like lactate, dairy would have something to do with this ingredient, but that is not the case. Calcium lactate is prepared using lactic acid and calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide. 

Calcium lactate can help treat low levels of calcium. This medication is used for anyone who may not get enough calcium in their diet.

According to Fig, the lactic acid that is used to make calcium lactate is normally vegan in the United States, but when the lactic acid is imported from other places, it may not be.

Is calcium chloride vegan?

Calcium chloride is another vegan food additive. Food additives can be sweeteners, colorants, and more. Calcium chloride is often used as a firming agent and can be found in a variety of foods like pickles and tofu. 

No animal products or byproducts are used to create this ingredient. Calcium chloride either comes from limestone, hydrochloric acid, or brines.

Is calcium sulfate vegan?

vegan calcium 2

Calcium sulfate, or gypsum, is often used in baking and brewing processes. It is another food additive, and it is vegan. Calcium sulfate can be found in soil, and no animals are harmed during the process of getting it. Calcium sulfate is an easy vegan-friendly source of calcium. 

There are many reasons calcium sulfate gets added to various products. It is used as a preservative in foods like pasta and jelly. Calcium sulfate is often added to bread, canned foods, and more. It also is found in products that aren’t meant for eating, like toothpaste and shampoo. 

Which calcium is not vegan?

Calcium caseinate is not vegan, and calcium stearate is not always vegan either.

Calcium caseinate uses the casein found in milk, such as skim and 1%. This type of calcium ends up in powders such as coffee creamer. Calcium caseinate is far from vegan-friendly, and there is no denying that animal products or byproducts are in this ingredient.

These days the majority of calcium stearate is okay for vegans to consume. With that said, sometimes it comes from animals. It may come from palm oil or beef fat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to industrial production, calcium carbonate is vegan. It typically comes from mineral deposits.

In most cases, calcium lactate is vegan. A combination of lactic acid and calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide tends to be used.

Calcium chloride is vegan. It either comes from limestone, hydrochloric acid, or brine. 

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