Are Takis Vegan? The Best Plant-Bsed flavors in 2023

Takis are an extremely popular curly chip that actually was made to replicate Taquitos, but of course in a chip format, but are Takis vegan?

While Takis technically come in 19 different varieties/flavors I’ve only personally ever seen a few different flavors of Takis in person. My favorite Flavor being the Fuego Flavor pictured above, which are the most popular flavor of Takis and of course are 100% Vegan.

That could be because from the looks of it they only sell a handful of flavors in each country they operate in, but don’t worry from the looks of it every country/region has at least one vegan flavor of Takis.

Vegan Takis Flavors

  • Fuego (Purple Bag)
  • Nitro (Black & Red Bag)
  • Salsa Brava (Yellow Bag)
  • Zombie Flavor (Green Bag)

If you have a favorite flavor that isn’t in the above list, check and see if it doesn’t contain any dairy, eggs, chicken, or beef, and if it doesn’t contact us and let us know that there are vegan ones of that flavor out there.

But from the looks of it all other flavors aren’t vegan.

To clarify, from the looks of it the following flavors of Takis are non-vegan: Guacamole, Original, Xplosion, Crunchy Fajita, Angry Burger, Wild, Titan, Lava, Rock, Fuego Azul, BBQ Picante, Xtra Hot, Party, and Cobra.

Are Takis Vegan? – In more detail

Takis does not contain animal-derived ingredients, but not all of the ingredients are cruelty-free. Some of the flavors also contain milk and egg products as stated in the ingredients of the packaging. So to answer the question in general I would say Takis are not vegan, and more specifically they are not intended for a vegan audience. 

Although vegan products do not have to be plant-based, they typically contain ingredients that are much healthier than what Takis are made from. When you look at the back of many Takis packaging, you’ll see that in the list of ingredients it says, “Contains wheat, milk, and soy; may contain egg ingredients.” That should give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Being a vegan means no animal products at all: no meat, eggs, dairy, leather, or any other materials derived from animals. This includes bones, beeswax, gelatin, honey, and even some vitamins. It also means that animals are not to be harmed in the process of creating the materials. 

What Are The Ingredients?

Some of the ingredients included in Takis include Red 40, Blue 1, and yellow 5. These are all types of dyes that allow the food to look more vibrant and appetizing. Red 40 is a petroleum-based dye that is commonly tested on animals, “Red 40, along with many artificial colors, is routinely tested on animals. So, despite being vegan, it’s definitely not cruelty-free,“. Yellow 5 contains similar ingredients to Red 40.

Should you eat them if you’re vegan?

As a vegan, there is no obligation to be 100% purely plant-based. Vegans can eat what they want as long as it doesn’t contain animal products. For example, most vegans are okay with eating junk food because it’s not hurting animals in any way, shape, or form. 

The thing is, not all vegans are the same. Some people just do it because they don’t want to hurt animals, while others do it for their own spiritual reasons. So the answer to the question is that as a vegan, you just need to be smart about it and know what foods are good and which ones are bad. 

Make sure to read the ingredients list in the back of the packaging, and use your best judgment.

What Are They?

Takis is a brand of snack that was created in Mexico. They are small flavored corn chips with a unique shape. They are tiny cylinders and resemble mini taquitos. They have a corn flavor, with the texture of a tortilla chip. They have been around since the early 2000s. In the US, they are still consistently popular today. You can purchase them at most grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations. They come in many different flavors, including Fuego – hot chili pepper and lime. Nitro – habanero, lime, and cucumber. Crunchy Fajita – intense spice and fajita flavor. Guacamole – spicy guacamole. Xplosion – chili pepper and cheese.

If you ask me, I think a vegan diet can be as balanced and healthy as any other diet. But that’s not to say there aren’t some things you should avoid, in the same way, you would avoid eating at McDonald’s if you are trying to lose weight. It is practically guaranteed that certain foods have animal products in them, and even if they don’t, they probably aren’t very good for you. A lot of processed, junk food is vegan. That doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Fuego Takis are considered vegan because they do not contain milk, eggs or animal derivatives.

Vegan Takis flavors include Fuego, Nitro, Salsa Brava and Zombie.

Yes, Takis Nitro are considered vegan, because they do not conatin animal derivatives such as milk or eggs.

Unfortunately, Guacamole Takis are not vegan, because they contain milk.

Yes, Zombie Flavor Takis are considered vegan, because they do not conatin animal derivatives such as milk or eggs.

Blue Takis contain Blue 1 food coloring that is technically vegan, but definitely not cruelty-free (reportedly tested on animals). They also contain Disodium inosinate that is generally produced from meat. Additionally, they state on the Allergen info list that Blue Takis “may contain Wheat and Their Derivatives, Eggs, milk“, etc.. Based on these, we think Blue Takis should be avoided by Vegans. 

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