What Flavors of Takis are Vegan? (2021)

Takis Fuego Vegan

Takis are an extremely popular curly chip that actually was made to replicate Taquitos, but of course in a chip format.

While Takis technically come in 19 different varieties/flavors I’ve only personally ever seen a few different flavors of Takis in person. My favorite Flavor being the Fuego Flavor pictured above, which are the most popular flavor of Takis and of course are 100% Vegan.

That could be because from the looks of it they only sell a handful of flavors in each country they operate in, but don’t worry from the looks of it every country/region has at least one vegan flavor of Takis.

Vegan Taki Flavors:

  • Fuego (Purple Bag)
  • Nitro (Black & Red Bag)
  • Salsa Brava (Yellow Bag)
  • Zombie Flavor (Green Bag)

If you have a favorite flavor that isn’t in the above list, check and see if it doesn’t contain any dairy, eggs, chicken, or beef, and if it doesn’t contact us and let us know that there are vegan ones of that flavor out there.

But from the looks of it all other flavors aren’t vegan.

To clarify, from the looks of it the following flavors of Takis are non-vegan: Guacamole, Original, Xplosion, Crunchy Fajita, Angry Burger, Wild, Titan, Lava, Rock, Fuego Azul, BBQ Picante, Xtra Hot, Party, and Cobra.

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