What Brands of Tostadas are Vegan? (2022)

It may sound like a silly question to some, but I have in fact seen Tostadas that were fried in oil that contained beef tallow (lard), which of course isn’t vegan.

It’s by far not common at all though, and the vast vast majority of Tostada shells are vegan.

I don’t remember the brand name of the non-vegan one, but it was some off-brand that was made in the USA and had an American flag on it. So long as you don’t get that one they should be Vegan.

If you want to confirm they’re vegan just look on the back and make sure the oil they use is a mix of vegetable oils and doesn’t list “tallow” or “lard” in the list.

So long as the Tostadas don’t list that on the ingredients they should be vegan as all Tostadas are is fried corn tortillas.

What are the best Vegan brands of Tostadas?

I wouldn’t say there’s a best, as truthfully what comes down to it is personal flavor preference. Mission Tostadas taste too much like their chips so I prefer other ones, although Mission ones aren’t bad or anything.

Some of the most popular brands of Tostadas that are vegan are: On the Boarder Tostadas, Ortega Tostadas, Mission Tostadas, and Guerrero Tostadas.

Personally my favorite ones have been H-E-B brand Tostadas, Guerrero Tostadas, and some I got from a 99-cent store but can’t remember the brand. If you aren’t in Texas and can’t go to an H-E-B I’d highly recommend Guerrero Tostadas as they’re vegan and have a good flavor in my opinion.

Any tips for picking out good Tostadas?

Get the fried ones!

I know baked ones are healthier, and us vegans are usually very health-conscious, but splurge for the fried ones. They’re way better in my experience.

If you’re getting any from a dollar store, as I have before, get ones that don’t have little bubbles. I’ve found ones that are “bubbly” at the dollar store and they were nasty, but all the flat normal-looking ones from the dollar store have been quite good.

Are fresh-made tostadas Vegan?

If you’re talking about in Mexican/Latin supermarkets or in Mexico, I’ve checked dozens both in Mexico and in the USA and haven’t found one that uses animal products in the tostadas or fries them in lard — so while I can’t guarantee the freshly made ones near you are vegan-friendly they’re more than likely vegan.

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