Everything Vegan at Biggby Coffee (2022)

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Biggby Coffee has a relatively standard selection of vegan options for a coffee shop, with some plant-milks to choose from and some small snacks and little else.

Overall Biggby is a place us vegans can go to and get a suitable coffee and maybe snack, but just like pretty much all coffee shops you won’t find lots of vegan food options and you won’t really be able to have a satisfying meal from them — but that’s not really what coffee shops are for.

Vegan Snacks at Biggby Coffee:

  • Bananas
  • Blueberry-Strawberry Fruit Cup
  • Cinnamon Vanilla Bagel
  • Plain Bagel
  • Everything Bagel

That’s everything you can rely on Biggby having that’s vegan-friendly when it comes to foods/snacks — some locations may have a local granola bar or something similar near the register that’s vegan-friendly, and those are pretty good, but not all Biggby’s have it. Just watch out for honey in them, as some contain honey.

Unfortunately Biggby doesn’t have any bagel-toppings (bananas?) like vegan cream cheese or butter or avocado, but a toasted crispy bagel isn’t so bad on it’s own anyway — and if that’s not how you like it you can get a banana to put on it or simply dip it into your coffee to enhance it’s flavor.

Vegan Drink Options at BiggBy Coffee:

  • Americano
  • Expresso
  • Filter Coffee
  • Teas/Chai
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Juice
  • Cider 
  • Coffees/Lattes if Substituted for Non-dairy milk and non-caramel
  • Smoothies/Creme-Freezes (Sub tenacious tonic for non-dairy milk)

If you’re one to add flavorings to your coffee Biggby’s uses Monin brand flavorings which are all vegan — Just avoid the Caramel Marve, Mellow Mellow, Salty Dog Caramel, and White Lightning sauce-toppings, as they aren’t vegan-friendlyMocha sauce and Sugar-free mocha sauce are vegan, as is the brownie-batter sauce/topping — and all other flavorings (like Hazelnut) that are in the pumps, so if you like’em get’em.

As for what Non-dairy milk’s Biggby offers, they offer Soy, Oat, and almond milk. Generally locations will have 3 of the 4 options, so it’s a pretty good selection — keep in mind though Biggby does charge a surcharge (fee) when you opt for a non-dairy milk, which is a bit of a bummer, but it is what it is.

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