Everything Vegan at BurgerFi (2023)

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BurgerFi is a pretty standard burger joint, a bit more upscale and modern, but overall pretty standard.

The only thing that stands out big-time is they offer some vegan options, enough to get yourself a satisfying vegan meal at their restaurants. They’re much more vegan-friendly than competitors like Five Guys or Smashburger which don’t have a real vegan meal option on their menus.

Vegan Burger Options at BurgerFi:

  • Vegan Beyond Burger on Vegan Multi-Grain Bread
  • Vegan Beyond Burger on lettuce (“Greenstyle”)

While they have a “Vegefi” veggie burger as well it’s not vegan as it contains cheese in the patty and cannot be made vegan by request. Hopefully they change this, as many of us vegans prefer veggie burgers to “meaty” Beyond-burgers.

Thankfully they do make a vegan bun so we’re not stuck with just “Greenstyle” as an option.

BurgerFi's Vegan Side Options:

  • Cajun French Fries

Unfortunately BurgerFi’s other sides, namely Onion Rings, contain dairy in the batter and thus aren’t vegan.

Extra Vegan things at BurgerFi:

  • Grilled Onions
  • Grilled Mushrooms
  • (Pickled) Sport Peppers

These are things you can add to the Beyond Burger (normally) for free, and are vegan and not normally on it. They’re quite tasty and really make it significantly tastier. The Hashbrown option is not vegan at BurgerFi though, so avoid that burger add-on.

Vegan Desserts at BurgerFi:

  • None

That’s unfortunately about all that’s vegan at BurgerFi.

You can get some bananas or cherries for Dessert, or just some chocolate syrup, but they’re meant to be toppings to their non-vegan desserts. BurgerFi’s drinks are obviously vegan as well, but in terms of food/menu-items that’s all that’s really vegan at BurgerFi.

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