Everything Vegan at Caribou Coffee (2023)

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Caribou Coffee Vegan Options

Caribou Coffee has some pretty good vegan options, although not everything on the menu can be veganized much of it can be, including pretty much all drinks and a few food items.

Caribou Coffee is a coffee shop after-all, so you can’t really have a proper “well balanced” Vegan meal, but you can certainly get a good snack and coffee. But isn’t that all you care for at a coffee shop?

Vegan Drink Options at Caribou Coffee:

  • All Smoothies (Substitute Milk/Yogurt for Soy/Almond)
  • All Teas other than Chai
  • All Juices
  • Soy Latte
  • Almond Latte
  • Black Coffee
  • Almost all other Coffees Available (See Below)

Essentially all Caribou Coffee’s can be made vegan with the exception of some that have chocolate or Caramel, which may not always be 100% Vegan. You just need to order them with soy, almond, or coconut milk (if available) and without whipped cream on top and you’re pretty much all good to go.

Vegan Food Options at Caribou Coffee:

  • Regular Classic Oatmeal (With Water, Almond, or Soy)
  • Maple Brown Sugar Crunch Oatmeal (With Water, Almond, or Soy)
  •  Fruit Cups
  • Plain Bagel
  • Everything Bagel
  • Sesame Bagel
  • Beyond meat Breakfast sandwich (specify no egg or cheese of course)

Keep in mind you need to specify you don’t want cream cheese for the bagels, but they should ask you if you want it or not when you order the bagel. Unfortunately Caribou Coffee doesn’t have a vegan schmear for their bagels like Einstein Bagels has for theirs.

As mentioned before, you can’t really have a “real” vegan meal here, but you can get a bagel, or some oatmeal, and have a coffee, which to me is all I care for if I’m going to a coffee shop. Coffee shops aren’t restaurants after-all.

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