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is pesto vegan

Is Pesto Vegan? – 2023

Thanks to its creamy texture and rich mix of flavors blended together perfectly, pesto sauce is beloved all around the world. But is pesto vegan? This sauce has several different varieties but whether you prefer basil pesto or red sun-dried…

is falafel vegan

Is Falafel Vegan? – 2023

Falafels are deep-fried balls typical of middle eastern cuisine whose main ingredient is chickpeas. They are often served inside a pita bread together with fresh veggies and several sauces. This is an extremely popular street food available in most cities…

Is Coffee vegan

Is Coffee Vegan? – 2023

With the fast pace of life in our modern world, it is no wonder every second adult has a slight caffeine addiction. I know I sure do. But is coffe vegan? Going vegan would have been a lot more challenging…