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is caramel vegan

Is caramel vegan? – 2023

If someone says they dislike caramel, they’re probably lying. The golden brown delicious sauce is perfect with any type of dessert. Drizzle it over a slice of cake, cover your pancakes with it or dip slices of apple in it.…

is soy sauce vegan

Is soy sauce vegan? – 2023

Certain things are found in almost every household in America, such as bread, tahini, and soy sauce. I bet you have all three in your pantry. I had always assumed that every bottle of soy sauce is plant-based, simply because…

is beer vegan

Is beer vegan? – 2023

Who doesn’t love a good beer every now and then? Especially in this heat, there is nothing better than grabbing a pint at your local bar or popping open a cold bottle at home. Maybe some Margaritas in the evening.…