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The Melting Pot vegan menu is an absolute treat for cheese enthusiasts, offering a full 4-course meal for us vegans that can also be ordered separately a la carte. This 4-course meal includes a mouthwatering hot cheese fondue, two salad options, a comforting main meal, and even a dessert! And of course, as for any fondue restaurant, all this is to be enjoyed with lots of seasonal veggies, fruits, and dippers.

While Melting Pot doesn’t offer too many different options to choose from, the vegan menu they have put together is near perfect. Nobody stays hungry.

Melting Pot vegan appetizers

Does Melting Pot offer any appetizers to vegans? Well, the short answer to that is: Yes. However, not many options here as there’s only one but the appetizer that they do have is every cheese lover’s dream come true.

  • Vegan cheese fondue – Made using shredded cheddar cheese, Redbridge gluten-free beer, garlic, and different spices. This cheese fondue is served with freshly cut apples, various veggies, french bread, and my personal favorite: the pretzel bread.

Good news to our vegan friends who also prefer to avoid gluten, the vegan fondue is fully gluten-free and gluten-free dippers can be requested to go with it. How cool is that? Kudos to Melting Pot, they are truly paying attention to the details here.

Melting Pot vegan salads

It comes as no surprise that Melting Pot offers vegan-friendly salads considering that nearly every restaurant does. You have two distinct salad platters to choose from, and not gonna lie, both of them are rather boring to say the least. You can find more satisfying salads at Cheesecake Factory or Saladworks.

  • Vegan House salad – This one contains romaine, iceberg, tomatoes, and scallions. 
  • Vegan California salad – While the House salad isn’t exactly exciting, this one really is disappointing and mediocre. The Vegan California salad is just mixed greens and tomatoes. 

The salads are served with your choice of House-made Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette or Oil and Balsamic. Well, at least you are not going to be slammed in the face with too many choices, right?

Melting Pot vegan menu - the main course

melting pot vegan menu

Okay, it is a bit disappointing to see that we don’t have much of a choice here either as you can only find one vegan-friendly entrée on the restaurant’s menu. 

  • Vegan Good Earth – Comes with onion rings, artichoke hearts, vegetable polpettes, fresh asparagus, ginger teriyaki tofu, and mushroom caps.

So now that you’ve decided to order the Vegan Good Earth, Melting Pot lets you choose how you would like to have your main meal cooked offering the following four different techniques.

  • Vegan Bourguignonne – Classic European style which uses canola oil.
  • Cast Iron Grill – Tabletop grilling.
  • Court Bouillon – Seasoned vegetable broth. 
  • Mojo – Caribbean – inspired style, featuring flavors of garlic, cilantro, and citrus.

Melting Pot vegan desserts

As with the rest of the menu, we can see one available vegan option here as well which is pleasantly surprising considering that not all places offer vegan desserts, like El Pollo Loco for example. This fully plant-based dessert is simple yet so delicious and won’t leave you dissatisfied.

  • Chocolate fondue – This dark chocolate fondue is served with fresh strawberries, bananas, pineapple, blackberries, and raspberries. Hands down my favorite.

Melting Pot vegan heaven

With all these tasty options available, the Melting Pot vegan menu is a great choice for people who love cheese. The salads might not be the most creative we’ve ever seen, but the direction that they are taking should be followed by many because unfortunately there are not many restaurants out there with a full 4-course meal for vegans.

Frequently Asked Guestions

Melting Pot offers a full 4-course meal for us vegans that can also be ordered separately a la carte.

Unfortunatelly, no vegan Marshmallows are available at Melting Pot.

Yes, the Melting Pot vegan menu is an absolute treat for cheese enthusiasts with its Vegan Cheese Fondue. Made using shredded cheddar cheese, Redbridge gluten-free beer, garlic, and different spices.

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