Everything Vegan at Daylight Donuts (2022)

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daylight donuts vegan menu options

Daylight Donuts is a smaller donut-shop chain in the north-east USA thatz has a few vegan options, but ultimately aren’t really vegan-friendly at all.

We say this because Daylight Donuts doesn’t offer any vegan-friendly donuts currently, but rather only have a handful of drinks and little things for sale that are vegan. 

To put it simply we’d avoid going to daylight donuts as a vegan — instead we’d recommend opting for a different breakfast restaurant like Tim Hortons or Denny’s, both of which have great vegan options.

Vegan Items at Daylight Donuts:

  • Iced Coffee (confirm black)
  • Fresh Brewed Tea
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee (Filter)
  • Orange/Apple Juice
  • All Sodas
  • Kool-Aid

That’s unfortunately all they have that’s vegan-friendly, yes it’s really that bad — sadly this is how most donut places (even big ones like krispy kreme) are, so really if you want to find vegan donuts you need to find a small vegan business near you that sells them. If you can’t find any on your own we’d recommend checking out Peta’s vegan Donut guide which lists off vegan donut-shops in the biggest US states.

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