Does Crumbl have vegan cookies? The answer is quite easy

First of all, what is Crumbl Cookies?

Crumbl Cookes is a pretty new bakery franchise chain in the States. The first store was opened in 2017, in Utah by two brothers: Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley. Nowadays, there are more than 600 stores all around the United States. Their success is remarkable, since they had no experience in a bakery, and their first attempt was a huge loss. However, they didn’t give up, and their cookies became one of the most popular ones.


What kind of cookie is the Crumble Cookie?

To be honest, I have no clue what is this hype. It started as an ordinary chocolate cookie. Nothing extra, nothing fancy. Yet, somehow it becomes so popular in such a short time. So…

What is special about Crumbl cookies?

After a short research, I found out! It’s – mostly – not about the cookies themselves, but the atmosphere around them. First of all, Crumbl is very active on social media, especially on the nowadays trendy TikTok. Thanks to it, it became popular and trended very quickly. They hired famous influencers and so on.

However, the campaign wouldn’t be successful if the cookies are not good enough. The company once again called for the audience. They tested their new flavors with the community. Smart move to be honest.

Furthermore, due to the exclusivity, they are able to keep the hype around the cookies. They change their offers every week, so it is always a surprise what comes next. In addition to this, they serve their cookies hot and cold as well, depending on which way is better for it. Fancy, eh?

crumbl cookie isnt vegan
Fancy uhh?

Are Crumbl Cookies vegan?

It is fancy and trendy. They try to please everyone. There are vegan Crumbl Cookies then, right? *staring* Are any Crumbl cookies vegan? Well, no. Not a single Crumbl Cookies are vegan. What a disappointment!

How come?

While it is quite easy to make a simple cookie without dairy or eggs, the Utah-based company refuses to do so. And that’s not all. There are many flavors that even contain gelatin! Uhh, awful. Even the dark chocolate one contains dairy.

Furthermore, according to their communication, plant-based cookies won’t come anytime soon. So, better if you make plant-based cookies for yourself at home which will be more delicious probably. 

Especially, since nowadays the company has to face a very large amount of negative criticism. The hype is fading away and more people will notice that Crumbl Cookies are probably not as good as expensive.

not even the dark chooclate crumbl cookies vegan
Nope, Not even this one.

In short

Crumbl Cookies doesn’t offer any vegan cookies, however, according to the community, we won’t miss much with it. It is overhyped and only became really famous thanks to active social media campaigns probably. Better if you make cookies for yourself or you go somewhere else like Starbucks where the coffee is delicious or grab some accidentally vegan Oreos and Insomnia cookies.

does crumbl have vegan cookies
It may look cool, but trust me, it isn’t that good.

Picture sources: Crumbl Cookies official facebook page.