Everything Vegan at Duck Donuts (2022)

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Duck Donuts, like most donut shops, have limited to no vegan options. However some locations may have good vegan options including a vegan donut.

Don’t get your hopes up though — Duck Donuts doesn’t offer vegan donuts in all it’s locations currently. Generally you can expect them if you’re in California, specifically orange county, but otherwise you’ll likely not find them — as the vast majority of duck donuts locations don’t make vegan-friendly donuts.

Despite this there’s a handful of vegan-options you can choose from if they don’t have vegan donuts available, but to be honest none of them are anything special or worth a visit.

Vegan Options at Duck Donuts:

  • Vegan Donuts (not all locations, see below)
  • Iced Tea
  • Regular Filter Coffee
  • Express (specify no whip-cream)
  • Bagel (not all locations)

The Vegan-friendly donuts available are only at select locations (mostly in California/Orange County)  are plain or glazed, and often some other fancy decorated ones — they’ll be labeled specifically as vegan and be in a little box/window of their own rather than with other non-vegan donuts.

Unfortunately that’s all they have that’s vegan — which would be fine if it was at all locations, but if you go to a location that isn’t “in the know” they might not have anything but tea and coffee for us vegans — as their regular donuts contain eggs/milk — which is a real bummer!

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