Everything Vegan at Eat N’ Park (2023)

Eat N’ Park has tons of vegan options, including many tasty sides, a couple vegan-friendly veggie burgers, and even a breakfast option. It’s not a vegan heaven by any means, but it’s not troublesome to eat at Eat n’ Park as a vegan.

Eat’n Park prides itself on having something on its menu for everyone, and this obviously includes those who have adopted a completely cruelty-free diet. Though you won’t find an abundance of vegan options at Eat’n Park, there are several vegan-friendly items on the menu, and other items can be modified upon request. Discover what “the place for smiles” has in store for vegans — spoiler: unfortunately those smiley cookies aren’t vegan friendly.

Eat N’ Park Vegan Breakfast Options:

While oatmeal may not sound that great you can get fresh fruit, raisins, brown sugar, or plain toast to go with it (upon request) which can make for quite a good satisfying meal, especially with a coffee or tea on the side.

You might consider ordering the Veggie Breakfast Wrap without the scrambled eggs and cheese (ask if tofu can be substituted for it) however we didn’t include this above as in our experience they won’t substitute the tofu (although apparently they do at some locations) and without it…well there’s just nothing really to it.

Avoid the Bananas Foster French Toast and the Smiley Belgian Waffle, as both contain eggs and buttermilk.

Eat n’ Park Vegan Appetizers:

  • Naked Tots (Specify no Ranch)
  • Fresh Potato Chip Basket (Specify no Ranch)
  • Hand-Breaded Zucchini (Specify no Ranch)
  • Fried Pickles (Specify no Ranch)
  • Freshly-made Pretzel Sticks (Specify no Cheese sauce or Honey-Mustard)

Make sure to not just say no ranch, but to request them to swap it out for a vegan-friendly sauce such as the Mariana sauce. They should be willing to do this for free, and at least in my opinion Mariana sauce goes with pretty much everything.

Vegan-Friendly Sides at Eat n’ Park:

  • Onion Rings (not vegan at all locations, check before ordering)
  • Baked Potato
  • Fresh-Cut Fruit Cup
  • Applesauce
  • French Fries
  • Garden Rice
  • Steamed Carrots
  • Fresh Broccoli

Keep in mind that the ingredients of these side dishes are not listed and while when we checked they said they were vegan-friendly you might want to check with the waiter before you order to confirm they don’t put any butter on them (normally they’re just steamed and not buttered or seasoned at all), or in the case of onion rings confirm they’re vegan at your specific location.

If you’re paranoid just stick to the french fries, apple sauce, fruit cup, side salad, and carrots – we’ve never heard someone having an issue with these.

Eat n’ Park Vegan Salad Options:

  • Side Salad

Unfortunately all the regular ‘meal’ type of salads contain so many animal products and nothing special on them that it doesn’t make sense, and is often not even possible, to veganize them. Generally there isn’t a vegan-dressing available either, so honestly we’d give the salads a pass and be a junk-food vegan.

Vegan ‘Main Meal’ Options at Eat n’ Park:

  • Eat’n Park Beyond Burger (Specify no Cheese or supreme ‘french’ sauce – check buns)
  • Mariana Spaghetti (Kids menu)

It’s a relatively simple vegan burger on a vegan bun with lettuce and tomato — skip the garden burger option as apparently those patties contain milk or cheese, which is a shame, but hey at least the beyond burger is vegan-friendly. Make sure to check if the buns are vegan-friendly at the location you’re at, while they always have been for us when we asked Eat n’ Park they said ‘buns are sourced locally’ and thus they cannot guarantee if they’re vegan or not.

Vegan Desserts at Eat n’ Park:

  • None

If you’re looking for vegan cookies or other vegan desserts at Eat’n Park, you won’t find any on the menu.

Neither the brand’s signature hand-iced Smiley cookies nor the chocolate chunk cookies are dairy-free. Eat’n Park’s fresh-baked, famous strawberry pie, Dutch apple pie, peachberry pie, apple pie, and more sure look appetizing even to vegans, but the crust is unfortunately made with butter and thus isn’t vegan-friendly.

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