Everything Vegan at Blimpie (2022)

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Blimpie has decent vegan options, including many types of bread, avocado, and plenty of vegetable topping to build a sandwich that’s vegan friendly — it’s also possible to get the sandwich warmed up/baked, so if you prefer that type of thing you won’t have to sacrifice a warm sandwich when eating at Blimpie.

You can also build-your-own-salad at most locations, and seeing as Blimpie has multiple vegan-friendly dressing options, that’s not too bad of an option if you prefer not to have bread as part of your meal.

Vegan BYO Vegan Sandwich (or Salad) Options:

  • Choose Your Bread – Ciabatta, Pretzel, White Italian, Whole Grain Wheat, Salsa Tortilla Wrap, Spinach Tortilla Wrap, Traditional Tortilla Wrap, or you can order as a bowl (salad).
  • Choose Your Toppings – Mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, Pineapple, Sliced Onions, Green Peppers, Olives, Sliced Jalapenos, Banana Peppers, Avocado (premium), Guacamole (premium), or Tomatoes.
  • Choose Your Sauce – Blimpie Special Sauce, Light Italian Dressing, Red Wine Vinegar, Spicy Brown Mustard, Yellow Mustard, Teriyaki Sauce, Olive Oil, or None.
  • Choose Your Cooking Time — None, Lightly toasted, Medium, or Crispy (burnt).
Some locations have slightly different toppings, but any of the vegetables or fruits should be vegan friendly — however we didn’t include all the veggies that may not be at your local location, as to not drive hopes up.
While Blimpie’s wraps used to not always be vegan-friendly, when we asked them directly they specified that now all the wraps are standardized from one company, and they do so happen to be vegan-friendly. You can ask your location specifically, but from our findings this does seem accurate.

Other Vegan Things at Blimpie:

  • Veggie Supreme (without cheese)
  • Plain Bluffin (breakfast biscuit type thing)
  • Garden Salad (without cheese)
  • All Drinks/Sodas
  • Bagged Chips (varies by location, usually 4-5 vegan options).
Their bluefin is quite good when toasted, albeit more or less just a generic breakfast muffin/biscuit it’s quite good when you get guacamole or avocado to put in it as a sandwich, so it’s another option if you just want a small snack or something to go with a salad that’s not just chips.

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