Everything Vegan at The Cheesecake Factory (Late-2021)

Cheesecake Factory Vegan Options Logo Example

The Cheesecake factory has a pretty good vegan menu, including their free bread (of course) and around 10 meal-options, as well as a few appetizers and other vegan goodies.

Unfortunately none of the Cheesecakes the Cheesecake factory makes are vegan-friendly, which is quite ridiculous in our opinion as you can even buy frozen cheesecake (made by Daiya) at many grocery stores now.

Other than Cheesecakes the Cheesecake factory has fantastic vegan-options though — we’d recommend the “Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta” and the Mexican Tortilla Salad (Specify no sour cream, swap chicken for sauteed mushrooms).

Vegan Appetizers & Sides at The Cheesecake Factory:

  • Free Sourdough Bread
  • Free Table Bread (brown-looking)
  • Crispy Brussel Sprouts (Specify no Bacon – Maple butter is vegan)
  • Korean Fried Cauliflower (Specify no Ranch Dressing)
  • Chips & Guacamole (Specify no Sour Cream, but instead Extra Salsa)
  • Seasoned Edamame
  • Fire-Roasted Artichoke Hearts (Swap Garlic sauce for Balsamic Vinaigrette to make vegan)
  • French Fries

Often times there’s a few other vegan options however this is heavily dependent on location and season — so if you aren’t interested in the above options or are curious about another item they have give it an ask and see — generally cheesecake factory workers know what vegan is and can let you know if there’s anything else on the menu that’s recently added and vegan-friendly.

Vegan Meal Options at The Cheesecake Factory:

  • Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta
  • Pasta Pomodoro
  • Impossible Pasta Bolognese
  • Mushroom & Spinach Flatbread Pizza (Specify no Parmesan Cheese, can swap for vegan cheese at some locations)
  • Veggie Burger (Specify no Mayo, swap cheese for vegan or specify without)
  • Impossible Burger (Confirm with Vegan Cheese, should be – make sure bun is vegan, some locations may need to swap for vegan bun)

We’re not including the Salads available, which are plenty, as we always have a section specifically for salads — Many of them are vegan-friendly and some are quite tasty and suitable to be a meal — even for us picky salad eaters who like strange things in our salads, they got us covered.

Vegan Salad Options at The Cheesecake Factory:

  • California Guacamole Salad (Specify no Feta Cheese, swap the cilantro dressing out for another)
  • Mexican Tortilla Salad (Swap the Chicken for Sauteed Mushrooms, and request no sour cream)
  • Vegan Cobb Salad
  • “Wellness” Salad
  • French Country Salad (Specify no goat-cheese)
  • Greek Salad (Specify no Feta Cheese)

As for the Salad Dressings, most are vegan-friendly however what they have varies based on location — generally they’ll have a few of the below to choose from, some locations may have almost all of them and even more if the location has their own unique dressing: Lemon-Blueberry Vinaigrette, House Vinaigrette, Shallot Vinaigrette, Lemon Vinaigrette, Pomegranate Vinaigrette, and of course balsamic vinaigrette.

Keep in mind generally the Cilantro and other “cream” dressings are not vegan-friendly; however feel-free to ask about them as during some seasons some locations make a vegan-friendly flavor that’s also carries the “cream” name.

Vegan Deserts at The Cheesecake Factory:

  • None

There’s no real vegan deserts at The Cheesecake Factory currently; some locations will have fresh fruit bowls but they’re not really meant to be desserts.

Unfortunately all the Cheesecakes they currently offer contain both dairy and eggs and thus are not vegan-friendly — it’s a real shame they don’t offer a vegan cheesecake as they aren’t that hard to make — I mean you can even buy frozen ones made by Daiya that are pretty dang good, and of course vegan-friendly. Hopefully they at least add a Daiya cheesecake to their menu — but I have a feeling they won’t do this anytime soon.