What is vegan at Chipotle?

Luckily, there are several plant-based, dairy-free and vegetarian menu items available at Chipotle. Vegans can eat chips and guacamole as appetizers, also you can enjoy as a vegan the burritos filled with many different plant-based toppings such as pinto beans which are 100 percent vegan. Furthermore, you can make your own vegan salad, lifestyle bowl, and quesadilla. In fact, Chipotle now has a dedicated vegan protein option! You can add sofritas – plant-based protein – to any meal. Great isn’t it?

What are the vegan options on Chipotle’s menu?

There are many surprisingly good vegan options at the Mexican restaurant chain. There are many different build-your-own options which work well with vegan diets. Since all of the tortilla are vegan-friendly at Chipotle, you can choose any of them below:

  • Burrito
  • Burrito bowl
  • Quesadilla
  • Salad, or
  • Tacos.

According to Chipotle’s nutrition guidelines, the all of the following toppings are vegan, so you can stuff them into your meal:

  • Sofritas,
  • Fajita Veggies,
  • Fresh tomato salsa,
  • White rice,
  • Brown rice,
  • Tomatillo-green chili salsa,
  • Tomatillo-red chili salsa,
  • Black beans,
  • Pinto beans,
  • Roasted chili-corn salsa, and
  • Guacamole.

Sofritas is a dedicated vegan protein option which is made with tofu. Pretty good isn’t it? 

Even more, there are two vegan items on the Chipotle menu bellowed Lifestyle Bowls:

  • Veggie Full Bowl: White Rice, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa, and Guacamole
  • Plant Powered Bowl: Supergreens Lettuce Blend, White Rice, Sofritas, Fajita Veggies, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa, and Guacamole
  • Some of the other lifestyle bowls can be made vegan by excluding ingredients of animal origin, but there are two perfectly prepared bowls, so there is no point in doing this.

Also, the chips that are vegan at chipotle are always welcomed with one of the plant-based salsa listed above or guacamole. All of the drinks at Chipotle are vegan, however do not expect much, since they are basically just soft drinks.

Does Chipotle have tofu?

Yes, it does! Sofritas, which is an available plant-based protein option at Chipotle, is made with organic scrambled tofu, Mexican spices and the signature Chipotle sauce. It is safe to consume for vegans according to their official statement. It is tasty, healthy and full of protein and fiber which make every vegan option incredibly good at the Mexican styled restaurant chain.

Are chipotle chips vegan?

Yes it is! As Chipotle’s special guide says chips and also guacamole and salsa are vegan. However, it doesn’t say anything about the cross contamination so be aware of it.

What fast-food restaurants offer vegan options?

There are many fast food restaurants like Chipotle that have decent vegan options such as plant-based tacos, tortillas and other Mexican food.

What are the vegan options in Qdoba?

For me, Qdoba is even better than Chipotle. You can make your own vegan Fajita bowl, burrito, taco and salad just like in Chipotle. There is a slightly more plant-based toppings and also, instead of Sofritas, you can fill it with the cruelty free Impossible patty. Qdoba also has chips and guacamole and in addition to this, they do have warm, hearty tortilla soups unlike Chipotle.

What are the vegan options in El Pollo Loco?

El Pollo Loco’s vegan options are slightly worse than Chipotle’s, at least for now. While there are many different plant-based ingredients to make your own bowl, tacos or tostadas something is missing. Unlike Chipotle, El Pollo Loco doesn’t have a real vegan protein option since they cancelled meatless chicken a long time ago. However, you can still enjoy your avocado filled veggie burritos, tostadas and tacos. Also there are many different side dishes such as chips and guacamole, broccoli, pinto beans and side salad.

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