What is vegan at Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen surprisingly offers plant-based choices despite its dairy-centric name. You can enjoy the smoothies as a vegan by substituting yogurt with water or non-dairy milk. Furthermore, options like fries and pretzels are vegan-friendly, as they are prepared in vegetable oil and contain no animal ingredients, unlike some other fast-food chains like McDonald’s. However, it’s essential to note that Dairy Queen is not a strictly vegan place, so there is a possibility of cross-contamination.

What are the vegan options on Dairy Queen’s menu?

There are only a few vegan items on the menu at Dairy Queen and most of them only sides or desserts. Unfortunately, you hardly find any decent vegan meal option as a vegan at the fast-food chain.

  • Side salad: Romaine and iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded carrots, and cabbage.
    • You can also choose one of the plant-based dressing:Marzetti balsamic vinaigrette dressing, Marzetti fat-free California french style dressing, and Marzetti light Italian dressing. 
  • French fries and pretzel sticks: You can choose one or more vegan sauce to enjoy it: BBQ Dipping Sauce, Wild Buffalo Dipping Sauce Cup, ketchup, or mustard.
  • Hash Brown: It’s only available in the morning.
  • Non-dairy Dilly Bars and Star Kiss Frozen Treat: some pretty good sweetness as dessert options.
  • Smoothies and slushies: Misty slush is available in many various flavor and also you can order the smoothie without dairy.
  • Lay’s chips: You can choose BBQ, Original & Baked Potato chips.

If you want a vegan burger at Dairy Queen, you can request one without the beef patty. However, please note that it will essentially be a sandwich with vegetables between two buns, as Dairy Queen doesn’t offer plant-based patties like Impossible or Beyond Meat.

Are Dairy Queen fries vegan?

Yes, Dairy Queen’s fries are vegan since they don’t use any animal products for its seasoning. Also, they cook it in soybean oil so technically it is plant-based. On the other hand, they don’t use a dedicated fryer for meatless items, so cross-contamination is a huge risk.

Are Dairy Queen Ice Cream vegan?

The signature Blizzards at Dairy Queen are only vegetarian, but at least there are two dairy free ice cream options at the fast-food chain. Non-dairy Dilly bars are cruelty free and mostly available, in addition to it, some of the locations also offer Star Kiss Frozen treat which is vegan.

Are Dairy Queen Dilly Bar vegan?

The regular Dilly bar isn’t vegan since it contains dairy products. However, Dairy Queen introduced Dairy-free Dilly Bar in 2021 which is 100 percent plant-based.

Are Dairy Queen Blizzard vegan?

No, unfortunately there is no vegan Blizzard at Dairy Queen, yet. All of them are made by dairy. If you are craving an ice cream treat, then you should visit Cold Stone instead. However, you can enjoy dairy-free Dilly bars at most of the Dairy Queen, and some places offer Star Kiss Frozen treats.

Where can you find Dairy Queen with vegan options?

You can easily find Dairy-free Dilly bars – which is one of the only vegan options at the fast-food chain – at any Dairy Queen. There are more than 500 hundred stores in Texas. You can find the largest Dairy Queen Is in Bloomington, Illinois where you can find the most vegan options probably.

What fast-food restaurants offer vegan options?

There are many places where you can have much better vegan options than Dairy Queen. If you are hungry, and you would like more than a simple french fries then you should head right to Burger King where you can find three different Impossible burgers. If you would like to have an extraordinary ice cream creation, then ColdStone or Baskin-Robbins are your places. You will find many different healthy vegan salads at Cheesecake Factory.

What are the vegan options in Baskin?

Baskin-RobbinsEverything Vegan at Baskin’ Robbins (2023) isn’t as good as Coldstone in my opinion, but at least there are one dairy-free ice cream, one sorbet and also Daiquiri Ice is plant-based. Also you can make your own sundaes with two or three scoops of Non-Dairy Mint ChocoChunk. You can choose many various vegan toppings.

What are the vegan options in ColdStone?

Cold Stone offers vegan options, including naturally vegan sorbets with flavors like Pink Lemonade and Silk® Almondmilk Frozen Desserts like “Don’t Cry Over Spilled Silk.” You can also enjoy a Silk® Chocolate Almondmilk Shake or create your own sorbet, though the vegan flavor may vary by location. However, it’s important to note that many other menu items at Cold Stone, like smoothies, candies, cookies (except Oreos), and waffle cones, contain dairy or animal-derived ingredients and are not suitable for vegans.

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