Everything Vegan at Whataburger

Whataburger Logo Vegan Options

I’ve grown up in Texas and probably haven’t ever lived more than 5-10 minutes from a Whataburger despite living in many small towns, so this darn place is popular, at least where I’ve always lived. Honestly, I was never a big fan of them as I never ate burgers, or eggs, or really what makes them so popular.

I still don’t like them much, but now that’s because they have very little vegan options. What they do have that’s vegan is accidentally vegan, much like most chain-style fast food joints in the USA.

Currently the only vegan things vegan at Whataburger is:

  • Tortillas
  • Regular buns
  • Wheat Buns
  • Texas Toast (no butter)
  • Hash Browns
  • Apple Slices
  • French Fries

Their burger-toppings as in their cold vegetables (pickles, onion, etc) are obviously vegan as well, but otherwise that’s all they have. Their salads are generally premade, like most fast-food joints, but if they can make one without cheese (often they aren’t) the balsamic vinegar dressing would be your only option, as it should be vegan as well.

So how does Whataburger look for a Vegan?

Not too great.

Your only real option to putting a meal together is to get some apple slices for some freshness and fries or preferably hash browns and making a sandwich with a bread of your choice. There’s just no real other way to put things together.

I’d avoid Whataburger as a Vegan unless I just wanted some fries, as they are at least vegan at Whataburger unlike at McDonalds. Otherwise other fast-food options, like Wendy’s, would be far better since you have more (and healthier) options at other places.