Everything Vegan at Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel logo Vegan Options

Wienerschnitzel is an American fast-food hot-dog chain that, at least of now, doesn’t have a vegan hot dog on their menu.

They do however have a few vegan options.

I wouldn’t say they’re a good place for a vegan as they have minimal choices and you can’t even really make a botched vegan meal at their restaurant.


Their breakfast menu isn’t available at all locations, so at your location they may not have these options.

  • (black) Coffee
  • Orange Juice
  • Tortillas

Regular menu

Unfortunately they not only don’t have any vegan substitutes, but they also lack a starchy plant-food to give some “substance” to the meal. As a result their menu is even more narrow than fried chicken places which generally at least have boiled corn or fast-food joints that don’t have a vegan meal such as Wendy’s, which has baked potatoes amongst other sides they offer.

  • Regular Bun (no butter)
  • Pretzel Bun (no butter)
  • All regular drinks/beverages/soda

Unfortunately their fries, like their Hash Brown Po’Taters, aren’t vegan as they are fried in oil that contains animal-lard. They’re one of the few restaurants that still fry everything in non-vegan oil.

Hopefully one day they, as well as the other restaurants that do the same (such as Texas Roadhouse & McDonald’s amongst others) stop and just use plain vegetable oil like dang near everybody else does.

So how does Wienerschnitzel Look For A Vegan?

Not good.

You can’t even make yourself the standard vegan “meal” at the worst restaurants for a vegan, and that’s a french fry sandwich. All you have is some crappy buns, a tortilla, and some drinks.

If you’re being dragged here eating before you go, or after, is truthfully your only options as it’s not really possible to whip up even a botched vegan meal here.

Basically anywhere else will have more vegan options than Wienerschnitzel.