The best Wingstop Vegan options in 2023

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Wing stop has tons of locations, but not so many vegan options. They barely have any vegan options at all — while many other fast-food chains have added vegan meat-replacements in the last year Wingstop has done no such thing. Furthermore, It doesn’t seem there will be Vegan wings anytime soon.

What they do have (mostly sides/snacks) however is quite good and tasty, but there’s simply not nearly enough to whip up a meal for a Vegan — A not so healthy snack, sure, but not a meal. However, what else would you expect from a restaurant chain famous for its chicken wings?

Vegan Menu Options at Wingstop:

As I mentioned earlier, It is quite hard to find anything that doesn’t contain animal ingredients. Truly, we only have a few side dishes to choose from and that’s all. But hey, at least, they are pretty good.

Seasoned Fries

Fresh potatoes from Idaho, seasoned with Wingstop’s unique spice mix fried in vegetable oil. It sounds awesome unless you are concerned about cross-contamination.

Veggie sticks

Nothing much, but fresh, chilled celery and carrot sticks. At least, they are pretty much healthy.

Cajun Fried Corn

Fried corn served with two special seasonings, what could be wrong? In one world, calories!


I’d recommend opting for the Seasoned Fries over the Cajun Corn or Veggie sticks as they’re more substantial, a better value, and in my opinion way way tastier than both the veggie sticks and Cajun corn. Unfortunately Wing Stop’s dinner rolls are not vegan-friendly due to containing dairy.

Vegan Seasoning/Sauces at WingStop:

  • Cajun seasoning/dip
  • Original hot seasoning/dip
  • Spicy Korean Q dip
  • Louisiana rub seasoning/dip
  • Mild seasoning/dip
  • Hawaiian dip
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ dip
  • Mango Habanero Dip
  • Atomic Dip

Keep in mind you can generally request any of these for free with your…uhh…”vegan meal choices” above, really if you simply want a different dipping sauce for what you might have gotten above.
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So how does Wing Stop look for a vegan?

As you can see it’s not many options, and I can’t vouch for their fried corn as I have never tried it, but I remember their fries are good.

You can’t really make a meal out of just fries and fried corn, so there are definitely better options out there than wing stop. But they do have good fries and can be a tasty snack — which is better than some other “wing” places like Buffalo Wild Wings which fry’s their fries in beef fat — yuck!

Better if you go to one of the fast-food restaurants, that has pretty decent vegan options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no. It is pretty hard to find any vegan options here.

Yes it is! Many fast-food restaurants use animal ingredients to add some flavor to their fries, however, Wingstop is not one of them. To be honest, It is almost the only vegan option there.

The baked rolls at Wingstop are pretty far from vegan, since they are made with milk. Ti is a shame, since they are pretty tasty.

According to their ingredinets list, the Honey Mustard contains not only Honey, but milk too, thus it is not vegan.

Nope, unfortunately they are making it with dairy, so it is not vegan-friendly.

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