Everything Vegan at Wingstop (Late-2021)

Wingstop Logo

Wing stop has tons of locations, but not so many vegan options. They barely have any vegan options at all — while many other fast-food chains have added vegan meat-replacements in the last year Wingstop has done no such thing.

What they do have (mostly sides/snacks) however is quite good and tasty, but there’s simply not nearly enough to whip up a meal for a Vegan — A not so healthy snack, sure, but not a meal.

Vegan Menu Options at Wingstop:

  • Veggie sticks
  • Seasoned Fries
  • Cajun Fried Corn
I’d recommend opting for the Seasoned Fries over the Cajun Corn or Veggie sticks as they’re more substantial, a better value, and in my opinion way way tastier than both the veggie sticks and Cajun corn. Unfortunately Wing Stop’s dinner rolls are not vegan-friendly due to containing dairy.

Vegan Seasoning/Sauces at WingStop:

  • Cajun seasoning/dip
  • Original hot seasoning/dip
  • Spicy Korean Q dip
  • Louisiana rub seasoning/dip
  • Mild seasoning/dip
  • Hawaiian dip
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ dip
  • Mango Habanero Dip
  • Atomic Dip
Keep in mind you can generally request any of these for free with your…uhh…”vegan meal choices” above, really if you simply want a different dipping sauce for what you might have gotten above.

So how does Wing Stop look for a vegan?

As you can see it’s not many options, and I can’t vouch for their fried corn as I have never tried it, but I remember their fries are good.

You can’t really make a meal out of just fries and fried corn, so there are definitely better options out there than wing stop. But they do have good fries and can be a tasty snack — which is better than some other “wing” places like Buffalo Wild Wings which fry’s their fries in beef fat — yuck!