Everything Vegan at Jamba Juice (2023)

Jamba Juice serves plenty of nutrient-rich, vegan options on-the-go from fresh-squeezed juices & shots and its World’s Famous freshly blended smoothies, to made-to-order plant-based smoothie bowls, bites, and vitamin & protein/whole food boosts.

Many of the items on the menu are vegan by default, and you can also customize (veganize) many other items by swapping to a non-dairy milk option or specifying for them to not add something — such as honey to a smoothie.

Vegan-Friendly Juices at Jamba Juice:

  • Purely Carrot (fresh-juiced carrot)
  • Great Greens (fresh-juiced cucumber, lemon, apple & fresh spinach)
  • Whirl’d Famous Orange Carrot Twist (fresh-carrot & fresh orange juice)
  • Veggie Vitality (fresh-juiced carrot, apple & spinach)
  • Cucumber Orange Cooler (cucumber, apple, lemon & orange juice)
  • Orange Supreme (carrot, apple & orange juice with fresh bananas)
  • Purely Orange (fresh orange juice)

We’ll just stop there as those are the most popular juices Jamba Juice has on their menu — but all of Jamba’s Juices are vegan-friendly, and if they don’t have the mix you want you can generally ask for them to make you a special one or add something to one of their existing juice-options, as they juice every order individually.

Vegan-Friendly Smoothies at Jamba Juice:

  • Whirl’d Famous Pomegranate Paradise (Pomegranate, apple & pear juice, peaches, strawberries, and mangoes.)
  • Whirl’d Famous Apple ‘n Greens (Pear, strawberry & apple juice blend, mangoes, peaches, bananas, and kale.)
  • Vanilla Blue Sky (Vanilla coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, pineapples, bananas, and blue spirulina boost.)
  • Smooth Talkin’ Mango (Oatly! oat milk, pineapple, mangoes, and organic agave.)
  • Greens ‘n Ginger (Peaches, mangoes, kale, ginger, and lemonade.)
  • Peach Perfection (Peach, pear & white grape juice blend, strawberry & apple juice, peaches, mangoes, and strawberries.)
  • Strawberry Whirl (Strawberry apple & pear juice, strawberries, and bananas.)
  • Mega Mango (Pineapple and orange juice, mangoes, and strawberries.)
  • Protein Berry Workout (Soymilk, pea protein boost, strawberries, and bananas.)
  • Strawberries Gone Bananas (Strawberry & apple juice blend, strawberries, and bananas.)
  • Blueberry Strawberry Blast-Off (Mixed berry juice, strawberries, bananas, and blueberries.)

You can also order most other power smoothies like the PB + Banana Protein (Pea), but make sure to order it without honey and choose soymilk, almond milk, or oatmilk instead of reduced-fat milk it comes with. Likewise, you can order the Whirl’d Famous Acai Super-Antioxidant but be sure to remove the raspberry sherbet as it contains animal-derived milk..

All of the ‘plant based’ Jamba Smoothies are no-sugar-added and of course plant-based — You can add vitamin & protein boosts like soy protein isolate, 3G energy (green tea, guarana & ginseng), and daily vitamin zinc ( essential vitamins and minerals) but steer clear of whey protein concentrate. Or whole food boosts like protein-rich, low sodium peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, kale, matcha green tea, blue spirulina, ginger, and even pea protein.

Other vegan ingredients you can blend in include frozen fruit & veggies and frozen oatmilk dessert — but keep in mind these additions normally aren’t free.

Vegan Bowls at Jamba Juice:

  • Soy Oatmeal Bowl (Soymilk concentrate, organic steel-cut oat, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, brown sugar, organic granola, and shredded coconut — Skip the honey to make it 100% vegan.)
  • Vanilla Blue Sky (Made with vanilla coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, pineapple, organic granola, strawberries, blueberries, and blue spirulina.
  • Whirl’d Famous Island Pitaya (Pitaya, pineapple, organic granola, mango, banana, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple juice, and shredded coconut. — Specify no honey)
  • Whirl’d Famous Acai Primo (Soymilk, organic granola, acai, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and shredded coconut. — Specify no Honey)
  • Chunky Strawberry (Soymilk, strawberries, bananas, peanut butter, and organic granola — Specify no Yogurt).

You can add your favorite toppings to any of these Jamba bowls including whole-food boosts like almond butter and pumpkin seeds, ginger, kale, blue spirulina, soy protein isolate, and more.

Vegan Small Boosts at Jamba Juice:

  •  Turmeric Shot (lemon & orange juice, turmeric)
  • Wheatgrass Shot (apple, lemon, and wheatgrass juice)
  • Whirl’d Famous Wheatgrass (fresh wheatgrass juice)
  • Ginger Orange Cayenne (fresh-juiced ginger, orange juice, cayenne)
  • Ginger Lemon Cayenne (fresh-juiced lemon and ginger, cayenne)
  • Ginger Shot (orange, lemon, and ginger juice, cayenne)

If you get one of these I’d recommend one of the ginger ones — they’re much stronger and overall healthier in my opinion. Really wakes up the senses.

Vegan Food-Items at Jamba Juice:

  • Apple-Cinnamon Pretzel
  • Parmesan Pretzel (Specify no Parmesan to get plain Pretzel).
  • Beyond Meat Breakfast sandwich — Remove the Cheese of course!

Often times they also have a few other items, such as bananas or granola bars, however this varies by place as they usually stock using locally-produced goods — so make sure to check their ingredients list and see if they’re vegan-friendly before buying.

Some people says, their oatmeal is much better than Starbuck’s, which is considered great. So it is worth a try!

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