How to order as Vegan at Little Caesars in 2023 – Best guide

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Little Caesars has plenty of vegan pizza options to choose from, including tons of veggie-toppings and of course some tasty vegan-friendly sides to go with your pizza.

Unfortunately Little Caesars doesn’t have any vegan cheese as of now, and they don’t have a great veggie-topping policy. Much like most traditional pizza-chains they charge a lot if you want many toppings on your pizza, which sucks as without vegan cheese you really need quite a few toppings to have a genuinely tasty and satisfying vegan pizza, at least in my opinion.

Anyhow, Little Caesars does at least have some vegan crusts, sauces, side items, and even vegan meat-substitutes that we’ll cover below — recently they even added vegan pepperoni!

Vegan Pizza Options at Little Caesars:

It’s not a big surprise that there is no vegan pizza. But nothing to worry about, you can make a pleasant one on your own!

First, Choose Your Crust

The Deep-Deep dish crust is apparently vegan at some locations, but if you want it I’d suggest saying you have a dairy allergy to see if they put dairy in the crust at your location, as that’d be the non-vegan ingredient if there was one. As for the other crusts, as mentioned above, they’re 100% Dairy-free and Vegan.

Secondly, Choose Your Sauce

Well, you don’t have to think much there since the only vegan-friendly gravy is the original pizza sauce called Crazysauce.

Finally, the Toppings

In return, you can choose from countless excellent vegan toppings: Green Bell Pepper, Onions, Mushrooms, Jalapenos, Black Olives, Yellow Peppers, or Pineapple, vegan pepperoni or beyond meat in some locations in the USA/Canada.

The missing part

Unfortunately, the popular pizza chain has no Vegan Cheese, and they’ve largely eliminated their vegan-“meat” premium topping, so it’s back to just the normal veggies, which honestly I prefer anyways.

Planteroni alias plant based pepperoni

It isn’t the first time when Little Caesars experiments with plant-based meat. First, they extended their menu with Impossible Supreme Pizza in 2019. The Impossible sausage is served as a plant-based topping. Unfortunately, after the testing period, It didn’t become permanent.

After a short silence, the multi-national pizza chain announced a partnership with another plant-based meat company. Field Roast in cooperation with Little Caesars developed the Plant-based pepperoni called “Planteroni”. The pizza chain launched its Planteroni pizza in 2021 at several locations in the United States including  Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, and Detroit. However, they don’t offer vegan cheese, so basically, The Planteroni pizza doesn’t consider vegan-friendly.

The Field Roast’s plant-based pepperoni is made with pea protein (it doesn’t contain soy at all), fennel, cracked black pepper, garlic, and paprika.

vegan options little caesars

Vegan Sides at Little Caesars:

The vegan options in this section are quite weak, in turn, one of Its signature items the crazy bread sticks can be vegan with a little modification. Don’t forget the crazy sauce!

  • Crazybread (Breadsticks) without Parmesan Powder
  • Crazy Sauce (Pizza Sauce) Cup
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Butter Garlic Flavor (now non-dairy!)

Vegan Salad Options at Little Caesars:

  • Garden Salad (No Cheese, no Croutons)

It’s basically just lettuce with a little tomato and carrot; don’t get it unless you have a vegan dressing to bring with you, as Little Caesars has no vegan-friendly salad dressings. I’d say just give the salads a miss and get yourself crazy bread if you don’t want a cheese-less veggie pizza.

Vegan Desserts at Little Caesars:

  • None

Unfortunately you can’t veganize any of the desserts that Little Caesars offers, and there’s no real replacements for desserts available (such as fruit).

Frequently Asked Questions

If pizza without cheese counts as vegan pizza, then yes. Otherwise no. Unfortunately, they do not have any meat substitutes or plant-based cheese. At least the Pizza dough is 100 percent vegan.

Basically, It isn’t, since the topping is parmesan cheese. However, you can make it vegan with one easy step! You don’t have to do anything, but order without topping.

Yes, it is! Both original Crust and Thin N Crispy crusts are dairy-free, so they are totally vegan!

Unfortunately, no, at least not yet. The popular pizza chain tested vegan sausage in 2021, so there is a possibility that they will give a chance for vegan cheese as well.

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