Everything Vegan at Little Caesars (Late-2021)

Little Caesars Vegan Logo

Little Caesars has plenty of vegan pizza options to choose from, including tons of veggie-toppings and of course some tasty vegan-friendly sides to go with your pizza.

Unfortunately Little Caesars doesn’t have any vegan cheese as of now, and they don’t have a great veggie-topping policy. Much like most traditional pizza-chains they charge a lot if you want many toppings on your pizza, which sucks as without vegan cheese you really need quite a few toppings to have a genuinely tasty and satisfying vegan pizza, at least in my opinion.

Anyhow, Little Caesars does at least have some vegan crusts, sauces, side items, and even vegan meat-substitutes that we’ll cover below — recently they even added vegan pepperoni!

Vegan Pizza Options at Little Caesars:

  • Choose Your Crust – Original Crust, or Thin & Crispy Crust.
  • Choose Your Sauce – Original Pizza Sauce (CrazySauce)
  • Choose Your Toppings – Green Bell Pepper, Onions, Mushrooms, Jalapenos, Black Olives, Yellow Peppers, or Pineapple, vegan pepperoni or beyond meat in some locations in the USA/Canada
Unfortunately Little Caesars has no Vegan Cheese, and they’ve largely eliminated their vegan-“meat” premium topping, so it’s back to just the normal veggies, which honestly I prefer anyways.
The Deep-Deep dish crust is apparently vegan at some locations, but if you want it I’d suggest saying you have a dairy allergy to see if they put dairy in the crust at your location, as that’d be the non-vegan ingredient if there was one. As for the other crusts, as mentioned above, they’re 100% Dairy-free and Vegan.

Vegan Sides at Little Caesars:

  • Crazybread (Breadsticks) without Parmesan Powder
  • Crazy Sauce (Pizza Sauce) Cup
  • Red Pepper Flakes

Unfortunately all the other dipping sauces are non-vegan, such as the garlic sauce, as they contain dairy. You can get some tasty garlic sauce from other places such as Papa Johns Pizza, however not at Little Caesars.

Vegan Salad Options at Little Caesars:

  • Garden Salad (No Cheese, no Croutons)
It’s basically just lettuce with a little tomato and carrot; don’t get it unless you have a vegan dressing to bring with you, as Little Caesars has no vegan-friendly salad dressings. I’d say just give the salads a miss and get yourself crazy bread if you don’t want a cheese-less veggie pizza.

Vegan Desserts at Little Caesars:

  • None

Unfortunately you can’t veganize any of the desserts that Little Caesars offers, and there’s no real replacements for desserts available (such as fruit).

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