Everything Vegan at Pretzelmaker (2023)

Pretzelmaker doesn’t have many vegan options, however it is possible to get a vegan-friendly pretzel if you know how to order it, and some other vegan goodies.

The vegan options are largely the same flavors of pretzels Auntie Anne’s sells, Pretzelmaker just doesn’t have as many good sauces to go with them.

Vegan Pretzels at Pretzelmaker:

  • Plain Pretzel (Specify no Butter/egg-wash or No Salt)
  • Cinnamon Raisin Pretzel (No Butter/egg-wash, No Salt)
  • Everything Pretzel (No Butter/egg-wash, No Salt)
  • Jalapeno Pretzel (No Butter/egg-wash, No Salt)
  • Garlic Pretzel (No Butter/egg-wash, No Salt)
  • Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (No Butter/egg-wash, No Salt)
  • Pretzel-bites in all the above flavors — usually not all are available (No Butter/egg-wash, No Salt)

While Pretzelmaker’s allergen menu and statements say that only the plain pretzels are 100% Vegan, after tons of research and a few conversations with employees/managers, they are in fact 100% Vegan IF you order them and have them made without salt or butter/egg-wash.

The base of the pretzel is the same as the original pretzels and the ingredients their self are vegan — it’s just like the regular pretzels they normally are brushed before being set out ready to be served. Just keep in mind they’re normally brushed to keep the ingredients stuck-on the pretzel, so without it the everything-seasoning or Cinnamon-Sugar may not stay on the Pretzel very well, but hey you can technically order them as a vegan (with some modifications).

Vegan Dipping Sauces at Pretzelmaker:

  • Pizza Sauce
  • Vanilla Glaze (see below)
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup

Unfortunately while the Vanilla glaze appears to be vegan according to Pretzelmaker’s allergen menu, we’ve been told before that it contains gelatin, however other locations say different. So maybe it’s vegan, maybe it’s not, but I’d avoid it unless you want to be bothered asking, as generally we’ve heard/experienced it not being vegan-friendly.

Tasty Vegan-friendly Unique Drinks at Pretzelmaker:

  • Fresh Lemonade
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Limeade
  • Cherry Limade
  • Frozen Lemonade
  • All ICEE flavors (not available at all locations)
  • Various Sodas

All of the smoothies at Pretzelmaker contain dairy and generally cannot be made vegan, so really you’re stuck with one of the above options. But hey, the lemonades are pretty dang good, and you can never go wrong with an ICEE.

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