Everything Vegan at Red Robin (2023)

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red robin vegan options

Red Robin has quite a few good vegan options, including a couple vegan burger options and plenty of sides, as well as many items you can use to build-your-own vegan meal of sorts if you aren’t feeling like having a burger for whatever reason.

Ultimately they don’t have anything too special for us vegans, as you can get beyond meat burgers at tons of different restaurants, and cook them at home yourself, it’s still nice they have some vegan options so if family wants to eat at Red Robin we can still eat with the family and not be entirely left out.

Vegan-Friendly Appetizers & Sides at Red Robin:

  • Steak Fries (1lb available as appetizer)
  • Side Salad (specify no croutons or cheese)
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Sautéed Vegetables (not all locations, quite rare)
  • Yukon Potato Chips (not all locations, sometimes comes with non-vegan sauce on side)
  • Sweet Potato Fries (not all locations)
  • Apple Slices (kids side, quite small)
  • Raw Carrots (kids menu)

Unfortunately the other sides & appetisers red robin offer aren’t vegan friendly — the garlic fries and battered and fried items unfortunately contain milk or cheese — the garlic fries may be able to be made vegan-friendly upon request, but we haven’t personally seen if the chefs are willing to or able to make it so.

Vegan-Friendly Main-Meal Options at Red Robin:

  • Veggie Burger (Specify no Cheese or garlic aioli)
  • Vegan Burger
  • Impossible Burger (not all locations, specify no cheese or mayo)
  • Avocado & Veg Sandwich (off-menu)
  • Salads (see below section)

You can also of course ask for a veggie burger patty with sides on the side (duh) and eat it like a ‘steak’ or something if you don’t want it wrapped in lettuce or as a sandwich with bread — that reminds me, the vegan bread options at Red Robin are their classic sesame bun (regular one), tavern bun, lettuce wrap (literally lettuce), brioche bun, and some locations may also have a ciabatta type bun, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re getting an avocado sandwich.

Vegan Salad Options at Red Robin:

  • Bottomless House Salad (Specify no cheese or croutons)
  • Side Salad (Specify no cheese or croutons)
  • Oil & Vinegar dressing
  • Chunky tomato Salsa (fresh)
  • Island Spicy Sauce 
  • Guacamole or Avocado
  • Fresh Lemons (most locations)

Technically you can remove the meat from other salads, and other non-vegan ingredients, but ultimately all you’ll end up with is a house salad with some avocado slices or something minor added in small quantities. It’s not possible from what we’ve experienced or heard to swap the meat out for a vegan patty like other websites have said you could — but you could give it a shot if you want.

We’d recommend just getting the bottomless salad if you want salad, with no cheese or croutons of course, and then ask for a side of avocado or guacamole or whatever you may want to add to it — if you’re having a salad rather than a burger as your meal of course. 

Vegan Desserts at Red Robin:

  • None

As far as we know there’s no vegan-friendly desserts at red robin, but I mean who needs dessert anyway? They have some vegan food, that’s all that really matters. Hopefully they introduce some vegan desserts in the future, and maybe a vegan meal that isn’t just a burger, but they’re off to a good start with their vegan menu already.

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