Everything Vegan at Shake Shack (Late-2021)

Shake Shack Vegan Options Logo

Shake Shack’s vegan options are extremely limited currently, with most locations having pretty much just French fries on their menu and a build-your-own veggie burger.

As a result we’d honestly recommend going somewhere else if at all possible, as really pretty much anywhere is better for us vegans compared to shake shack. Only McDonalds really is worse than shake shack for us.

In Late-2021 Shake Shack announced a partnership with slutty vegan in Atlanta, so some of their east-coast locations may have a new vegan-friendly burger we mention below now.

Vegan-Friendly Items at Shake Shack:

  • French Fries
  • Veggie Shack (Specify no cheese, swap bun for gluten-free bun — not available at all locations)
  • Vegan ‘SluttyShack’ (only at select east-coast locations)
  • Vegetable Sandwich on gluten-free bun (burger with no meat/cheese)

That’s really all Shake Shack offers for us vegans — at 80%~ of the locations it seems like all they have is french fries, gluten-free bread, and sandwich toppings (tomato, lettuce, etc). It’s just not really viable to eat a meal there as a result if you’re vegan, but if you’re in luck there are some locations with vegan-friendly burger options, although honestly having tried the veggie shack, it wasn’t very good it reminded me of a microwaved gardein blackbean patty.

Hopefully in the near future Shake Shack introduces a vegan burger nationwide, even if it’s just a beyond burger or impossible burger that’s fine — but until then I’d avoid them at all cost as a vegan — pretty much every other burger place is more vegan-friendly than shake shack for us currently.

What About Their Drinks?

Generally we do not include Drinks, as they’re normally always vegan — there may be one exception at shake shack though. Some locations sell red wine, which technically isn’t always vegan friendly — but beyond that all their drinks should be 100% vegan friendly currently.