Everything Vegan at Boston Market (2023)

Boston Market’s Vegan Options are currently very limiting, really only constituting some sides and bread, but if need be you can find something to eat there as a vegan.

I’d put Boston Market in the no-go zone for vegans despite having a few vegan options simply due to the inability for a vegan to make a decent meal at their restaurants and their complete disregard for us when it comes to their menu.

Vegan Options at Boston Market:

  • Apple (Not always available)
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Steamed Vegetables (Confirm no butter/dairy – see below)
  • Cilantro Lime Rice
  • Some Sides (See below – beware)
  • Apple Pie Slice
  • White Roll (Some locations – many contain dairy)

The steamed vegetables, as well as other sides such as corn, dill potatoes, and green beans allegedly can be made vegan, however generally they’re premade and non-vegan as a result. From what I’ve read online and heard from other vegans often times Boston Market employees will often say they didn’t use butter even though it contains it.

As a result I’d recommend not relying on those items being available, as there’s a good chance you’ll notice butter on/in them if you order them.

So if I’m going to Boston Market what should I do?

I’d recommend against going to Boston market, and family should understand going elsewhere due to the lack of options, but if you decide to go along with them regardless you could either get food elsewhere and bring it, or I suppose try to eat there.

If you decide to try to eat at Boston Market you should definitely tell them you have a dairy allergy because if you don’t, from what I’ve heard, there’s a high likelihood they just say it’s dairy-free/vegan even if it isn’t. If you’re a “Vegetarian” with a dairy allergy they’ll be more likely to make you vegan corn or potatoes rather than just give you the pre-made non-vegan ones.

Is Boston Market Stuffing Vegan?

No, everything vegan at Boston market is listed above. Boston Market’s Stuffing isn’t even always vegetarian, so it definitely isn’t vegan-friendly. If you want some stuffing there are many good vegan stuffing recipes out there that you can bake with minimal effort.

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