Best Denny’s vegan options – Here Is a Delicious List (2023)

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Denny’s has phenomenal vegan options, just like Cheesecake Factory. Not only are there tons of them, but they are dang tasty. You can find something at Denny’s, no matter what type of vegan you are. Denny’s has healthy items like mixed fruit cups, but they also have vegan veggie burgers and vegan french fries. They offer many sauteed vegetable skillet choices, oatmeal (when made with water), English muffins, toast, and hash browns, along with other yummy menu items.

Denny’s is way better than other 24/7 breakfast places like IHOP or Waffle House, both of which have limited vegan-friendly options. Plant-based eaters will find much more to choose from at Denny’s. Let’s look at the many vegan items available at this popular restaurant chain.

Vegan Breakfast Options at Denny’s (All Day)

  • Hash Browns
  • Oatmeal (Request to be made with water instead of milk)
  • Wheat English Muffin (Request no Butter)
  • Toast (Request no Butter)
  • Red-skinned Potatoes (Beware, red skinned mashed potatoes aren’t vegan!)
  • Mixed Fruit Cup
  • Plain Bagel (Not present at all locations, but always Vegan)
  •  Grits (Request to be made with water instead of Milk)

If you order oatmeal, toast, an English muffin, or a bagel, make sure to get some jams and jellies to go with it, or some of Denny’s Maple Syrup, as it is 100% Vegan!

Furthermore, you can also get add-ins with your hash browns. It varies based on location, but most will have mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, or tomatoes.

You can enjoy Denny’s breakfast all day, but if you are looking for something a little more filling to enjoy for lunch or dinner, keep reading.

Vegan Lunch/Dinner Main Course Options at Denny’s

  • BYOB (Build Your Own Burger – see below paragraphs)
  • Fit Fare Veggie Skillet (No Egg)
  • Hearty Breakfast Skillet (No Sausage, Eggs, or Cheese.)
  • Santa Fe Skillet (No Chorizo, Eggs, or Cheese.)
  • Supreme Skillet (No Sausage, Eggs, or Cheese.)

If you are getting a skillet, make sure to ask for a couple of tortillas to go with it. This addition may cost a bit extra, but it is worth it. One of the best skillet options is the Fit Fare Veggie Skillet. Just make sure to order it without the egg whites.

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Build your own burger

As for the Build-Your-Own-Burger, you can order a veggie burger patty with toppings like sauteed onions, mushrooms, fresh avocado, and jalapeno. You can also ask for typical burger toppings like lettuce, tomato, and various sauces like ketchup and barbecue sauce. You can also get a second burger patty added for another dollar or two, which is worth it if you are not getting any sides. Only the whole-wheat and brioche buns are vegan.

How about meat substitutes, like Beyond burger?

In fact, some Denny’s locations have vegan-friendly Beyond Burger options as well. If you order this option, check whether or not it comes with cheese. If it does, make sure to request they remove it. Also, get the burger on one of the vegan-friendly buns mentioned above, and maybe add some of the tasty toppings such as sautéed onions or avocado or something to make it super flavorful.

All of the plant-based sides

denny's vegan options

As mentioned above in the breakfast section, make sure you get some Maple Syrup or Jellies for your oatmeal, toast, or English muffins. They are free, completely vegan, and downright delicious!

Everything else besides above

What is exceptional about Denny’s is that you can stick with something light, but it is a choice. You are not stuck creating a meal from side dishes because they lack vegan options.

Sweet stuffs

  • All Jellies & Jams
  • All Syrups (Pancake/Waffle)
  • Seasonal fruit cup

Dressings and sauces

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • French dressing
  • Italian dressing
  • Barbecue sauce and other common condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc)

Denny’s vegan offer altogether

I couldn’t say that It is vegan-friendly heaven but overall It’s much better than most fast-food restaurants. Their veggie patty is made without animal ingredients so you can make a decent vegan burger on your own. Furthermore, they have pretty good vegan sides. Besides those, there is not much to offer for desserts – not even an accidentally vegan pie – or vegan protein.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Denny’s veggie burger vegan?

Thankfully, Denny’s Veggie burger does not contain any animal by-products, so we can consider them vegan. You can also improve it with toppings like sauteed onions, mushrooms, fresh avocado, and jalapeno.

Does Denny’s have vegan options?

While the fast-food chain is definitely not heaven for vegans, still it offers many various – healthy – plant-based options, unlike many other well-known places.

Does Denny’s have vegan breakfast?

You can enjoy Denny’s breakfast all day, including the Hash Browns, Oatmeal (Request to be made with water instead of milk), Wheat English Muffin (Request no Butter), Toast (Request no Butter), Red-skinned Potatoes, Mixed Fruit Cup and many more.

Are Denny’s 9 grain pancakes vegan?

Unfortunately, they aren’t, since both of the pancakes contain dairy and egg as well.

Are Denny’s fries vegan?

It isn’t healthy, but it’s vegan nonetheless.

Are Denny’s hash browns vegan?

Luckily, the American restaurant chain’s hash browns are vegan and available all day.

Are Denny’s onion rings vegan?

No, unfortunately It isn’t plant-based due to the fact it contains dairy.

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