Everything Vegan at Fatburger (2023)

Fatburger is actually one of the most vegan-friendly burger places out there. They not only have a fully vegan patty but they also use vegan frying oils, meaning many of their side items are vegan as well.

It’s a big plus that Fatburger uses vegetable-oils rather than beef tallow like many of their competitors do (such as Smashburger), as not only is it good for the animals it’s great for us! Since they use vegetable-oils there are a few different side-options to choose from to go with your vegan burger, so that’s great.

Vegan Main Courses at Fatburger:

  • Impossible Burger (See Below)
  • Gardenburger (UK, Canada, and other international locations, ask to confirm no dairy/eggs as it varies)

While the above patties are normally vegan, you will need to request them to be modified, as they’re not entirely vegan by default. The Veggie Boca Patty is apparently non-vegan, so opt for the Impossible Burger if you’re at a North American location.

First off you’ll need to switch the whole wheat buns for white buns to make them vegan, or opt for them to put the patty on a “boat of fries” or have them make it “skinny” and use two patties instead of buns. The white buns are vegan though, Fatburger has confirmed this. Many articles online say otherwise, as they’re outdated and from back when the buns had I believe dairy in them.

Next you’ll want to request no mayo, and confirm it comes with dairy-free Vegan Cheese rather than the classic cheese, as Fatburger normally has Daiya Cheese to replace the original with, if the location hasn’t opted to go with dairy-free cheese by default.

Vegan Side Options at Fatburger:

  • Fat Fries
  • Skinny Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries

Unfortunately their onion rings aren’t vegan, but that’s not abnormal for restaurants or diners. If you’re craving some junky Vegan Onion Rings I’d recommend stopping by Sonic, as they have vegan onion rings and actually quite a bit of other vegan junk food.

Vegan Milkshakes at Fatburger:

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Maui-Banana

I was very pleased to see that some locations offered vegan milkshakes! They are made with cashews and oatmilk. 

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