What is vegan in Fatburger?

There are several plant-based, vegetarian and dairy options available at Fatburger despite the fact that the restaurant chain primarily focuses on meat-based items. The best item that vegans can eat is the Impossible™ Burger – without cheese – for sure.. There is another burger called Veggie burger that looks vegan, however it contains dairy and eggs, so it is only vegetarian. Also, Fatburger’s signature fries called Skinny fries are considered vegan If you ignore cross-contamination.

One of the greatest surprises on Fatburger’s menu is the shake. There are four different plant-based“milk”shakes that vegans can drink. Yes, you heard it right! Cashew based ice cream comes with oat milk and coconut milk whipped cream and it is available in four different flavors. 

What are the vegan options on Fatburger’s menu?

Fatburger has a very limited selection of vegan options, however it could be far worse, just think about McDonald’s where literally nothing plant-based.

Vegan burgers

Impossible Burger is the only vegan burger at Fatburger. Veggie burgers also can be vegan-friendly if you substitute cheese, however it doesn’t look like they have on their menu anymore. Impossible burgers also contain cheese and mayo, however you can substitute it with dairy free cheese and you can exclude mayo at the order. Note that the restaurant draws attention to the fact that it is not a certified vegan restaurant, meaning cross-contamination is not excluded.


There are a few vegan toppings that can makes your plant-based burger more exciting:

  • lettuce, 
  • tomato, 
  • onions, 
  • pickles, 
  • ketchup, 
  • mustard, and 
  • dairy free cheese (Daiya cheese).

Vegan Sides

Fries at Fatburger are usually vegan and they are cooked in vegetable oil. So the following sides are available for vegans:

  • Skinny Fries
  • Fat Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries

Once again, you should pay attention to cross-contamination since they use the same fryer for every menu item which includes meat products.

Vegan drinks

As a vegan, you can drink the boring common soft drinks at most of the fast-food restaurants. But here is the surprise, Fatburger has four different plant-based milkshakes!

  • Vanilia,
  • Chocolate,
  • Strawberry, and
  • Maui banana 

Craig’s vegan shake available at the restaurant.

Are Fatburger fries vegan?

Yes, all of Fatburger’s fries are vegan, at least technically. They do not use any animal ingredients for seasoning and they are cooking vegetable oil. On the other hand they don’t use a dedicated fryer for them, so cross-contamination is a huge risk when you eat Skinny, fat or sweet potato fries. Important note: chili skinny and fat fries are not vegetarian.

Is Fatburger Veggie Burger vegan?

Fatburger Veggie burger can be vegan if you exclude or substitute cheese and mayo. It is made with BOCA non-gmo Soy patty which is free from any animal ingredients. It contains mostly water, soy protein, wheat gluten, onion and garlic powder and many other plant-based ingredients. However, it shares the same cooking surface with meat items such as beef patties.

Does Fatburger offer vegan milkshake?

Yes, Fatburger has four different vegan shakes which is a pleasant surprise since no other fast-food restaurant can say the same. The vegan milkshake made by Craig’s cashew based ice cream, oat milk and coconut milk whipped cream. You can order it with four different flavors: Classic vanilla and chocolate, strawberry and banana.

Where can you find Fatburger with vegan options?

Fatburger’s vegan offers are available all across the United States and you can find them in Canada also. Fatburger is based in California, so in that case you will find the most restaurants around Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Phoenix and it is also quite frequent in Texas.

What fast-food restaurants offer vegan options?

There are many fast-food restaurants that have better or at least the same quality vegan food as Fatburger. You will find the best vegan burgers at Slutty Vegan for sure. If you are craving for vegan mexican food such as tacos, then you should visit Del Taco. Starbucks has some pretty good breakfast items such as Acai bowls and various oatmeal.

What are the vegan options in Five Guys?

Five Guys is known for its customizable burgers and fresh-cut fries just like Fatburger. However the Virginia based fast-food chain can’t compare with Fatburger since they don’t have a single vegan burger option. However, Five Guys also has three different vegan-friendly french fries options with many various sauce.

What are the vegan options in In N Out?

In N out also operating mostly in the Southern-west part of the United States. They offer various quick bite burgers and french fries. However you can’t find any vegan burgers at the In N Out, since they don’t have any vegan-friendly patties. You can only eat french fries as a vegan and that’s all, since everything else contains dairy and eggs, or meat products. Also, only the basic soft drinks such as Coca Cola and Ice tea are available for vegans at In N Out.

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