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Fuddruckers for whatever reason puts dairy in their Veggie Patties, so they’re only vegetarian, not vegan.

They’ve had explicit demand from vegans for many years but they’ve yet to switch to a vegan patty, so I doubt it’s coming anytime soon. Maybe I’ll be happily surprised though.

But while their Veggie Patty isn’t vegan they do have quite a few vegan options, as they do fry using soybean oil rather than animal fat like many other “burger” places do. However, there are some specific Fudds venues, where you could enjoy a much more delicious vegan meal.

Meatless Farm Vegan menu at Fuddruckers (Limited locations)

Fresh and great news from Fudds! The popular American fast-food chain just launched its brand new vegan menu this spring. Unfortunately, the new vegan options are not available nationwide yet, however, hopefully, the cooperation with Meatless Farm is going to be a great success. You can order it at several locations in Texas, Arizona, and some specific venues in Kansas, Virginia, and Missouri (you can find the exact locations at the end of the page).

The high-quality new vegan menu includes Meatless Chicken Cutlet which comes in a freshly baked bun with plant-based bacon and cheese. The other exciting new item is the Meatless Meatball Hot Wrap, and plant-based Grilled Cheese Sandwich. In additionally to this, the menu includes many items that are made by Beyond Meat:

  •  Beyond burger
  • Beyond Chicken Tenders
  • Beyond Sausage Sweet Italian
  • Beyond Sausage Hot Italian

Fuddruckers Vegan Menu Options:

  • Fried  Wedge cut potato fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Regular Potato Fries (Skinny Fries)
  • Salsa
  • Chips
  • Fruit Cup or Sliced Apples

That’s it for now though, maybe one of these months Fuddruckers will add a Vegan patty, such as the Beyond Meat patty, or simply some veggie patty of sorts. I’d prefer a veggie-patty to a more “realistic” one, but either one would be welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is! Many fast-food restaurants – like Mcdonald’s – use animal ingredients to add extra flavor to their fries. However fortunately Fuddtruckers is not one of them.

This spring Fuddruckers just launched their new 100 percent plant-based menu which includes Meatless Chicken Cutlet. The vegan burger comes with a freshly-baked bun, vegan cheese, and plant-based bacon. The only downside is that It is available at only a few Fuddruckers restaurants.

The nationwide available Veggie burger is unfortunately only vegetarian.

Unfortunately, It is only vegetarian and not vegan since it contains dairy.

Where can you find Fuddrucker's exclusive vegan menu?


  • Glendale: 7704 West Bell Road
  • Mesa: 6455 E. Southern Avenue
  • Phoenix: 8941 North Black Canyon Highway
  • Tempe: 7470 S. Priest Drive


  • Kansas City: 1705 Village West Parkway


  • St. Louis: 10752 Sunset Hill Plaza


  • Houston2400B South MacGregor Way
  • Houston: 7250 Highway 6 North
  • Houston: 3929 Southwest Freeway
  • Houston: 13010 North West Freeway
  • Kingwood: 4360 Kingwood Drive
  • Stafford: 11445 Fountain Lake Drive
  • Tomball: 8510 Creekside Forest Drive


  • Woodbridge: 14000 Foulger Square
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