Everything Vegan at Mellow Mushroom (2023)

Mellow Mushroom has absolutely phenomenal Vegan Options, arguably the best in the pizza industry! The Vegan Options consistent of things like calzones, pizzas, salads, “hoagies,” and many appetizers.

I’d say Mellow Mushroom is as Vegan-friendly as an all-vegan pizzeria because of how many options they have for us Vegans. The only downside is they do charge per topping you add, so for us vegans it can get quite pricey if you want a vegetable-heavy pizza.

I mean after-all I at least haven’t ran into any vegan pizza places that have Calzones, Vegan Hoagies, and even some vegan desserts to choose from. I’ve ran into some that came close, but for a chain restaurant to have all that is amazing.

Vegan Pizza Options at Mellow Mushroom:

  • Veg-Out Vegan Pizza
  • Plain Vegan Cheese Pizza
  • Great White Pizza (Swap the 4 non-vegan cheeses for Vegan cheese for a margarita-style pizza)
  • Pacific Rim Pizza (Swap ham/bacon for tofu or tempeh)
  • Build-Your-Own Vegan Pizza (See Below)

For all of the above make sure you specify no cheese/Parmesan on the crust or garlic-butter as neither are vegan. Generally they won’t put it on vegan-cheese pizza’s, but it’s best to specify.

Build-Your-Own Vegan Pizza Options:

You can get either thin, original, or gluten-free crust as all of them are 100% Vegan, so choose one of them then choose from the below toppings with or without their vegan cheese (follow your heart brand) option. Make sure to ask for no garlic-butter or cheese/Parmesan on the crust to be extra-sure they make it vegan.

Artichoke hearts, avocado, mushrooms, onions, pepperoncini, pineapple, roasted tomatoes, banana peppers, black olives, caramelized onions, chives, fresh basil, garlic, green olives, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, kalamata olives, spinach, teriyaki tempeh, and tofu.

Vegan Calzone Options at Mellow Mushroom:

  • Build-Your-Own Calzone
  • Veg-Calzone (Sub non-vegan cheeses for Vegan ones)

You can put any of the above-mentioned vegetables into your Calzone, likewise you only have that one vegan cheese option to choose from. You’ll get a side of their sauce to dip your calzone in or do whatever you wish with it.

It’s rare to be able to find a place that has Vegan Calzones, and their a unique tasty creation that I’d recommend everyone have sometime. Just don’t have them too-too much as they aren’t the most healthy food out there if you know what I mean.

Vegan Hoagie/Sub Options at Mellow Mushroom:

  • Tempeh Hoagie (Sub cheese for Vegan Cheese)
  • Tofu Hoagie (Sub cheese for Vegan Cheese)

Both can be made with either of the breads (french roll or multigrain roll) as both are 100% Vegan. I’d highly recommend putting pizza-sauce on whichever you get and vegan cheese as it really does make it waaay better and super tasty.

The same thing that applies above regarding toppings applies here: You can put any of the pizza toppings on your Hoagie. I’d highly recommend adding some caramelized onions on your Hoagie/Sandwich.

Vegan Sides & Proteins at Mellow Mushroom:

  • Hummus with Pita
  • Hummus with Carrots & Celery
  • Pretzels with pizza sauce & mustard (No Butter/Parmesan or garlic dip)
  • Brochette (No feta, replace with vegan cheese if desired)
  • Munchie Pups
  • Roasted Red Potatoes
  • Apple
  • Pitted Cherries
  • Jerk Tofu
  • Marinated Tempeh
  • Tofu

I’d recommend against the hummus with Carrots/Celery unless you’re gluten free, as in my experience and those I’ve been with the Pita is a way way better choice than the Carrots/Celery.

The Pretzels are probably the best I’ve ever had in my life. Home-made in-store and absolutely delicious.

Vegan Salad Options at Mellow Mushroom:

  • Chef Salad (Replace ham with tofu/tempeh and cheese with vegan cheese)
  • Enlightened Spinach Salad (Sub feta for Vegan Cheese)
  • Greek Salad (Sub Cheeses for Vegan Cheese)
  • House Salad (No Parmesan/Cheese, sub for vegan cheese)
  • Italian Herb Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Mellow Mushroom has pretty good Salads, and I say that as someone who isn’t big on Salads. They’re actually pretty good, definitely the best of any pizza place I’ve ever had!

So if you aren’t feeling up for a pizza or Calzone, or Hoagie, maybe a Salad is an option, although personally I got Pretzels with it when I had it to bulk up the meal a little as I’m a big-eater. If you are too, consider a side option to go with it such as the Pretzels or the Hummus with Pita.

Vegan Sweets & Desserts at Mellow Mushroom:

  • Pink Lemonade Frozen Popsicle
  • Strawberry Mango Frozen Popsicle

While they don’t have any baked-good desserts having anything at all is pretty dang good.

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